Govt. Proposes Sweeping Changes For Domestic Air Passengers; Passenger ‘Charter’ Introduced!

The new Passenger Charter clearly states that the cancellation fees can be more than "basic fare plus fuel surcharge".


Sweeping Changes For Domestic Air Passengers

Ministry of Civil Aviation has introduced a slew of measures, and reforms for domestic air passengers. After a month-long consultation process, these new changes would be effective since August 2018.

All new regulations have been placed under a new ‘Passenger Charter’ for air travellers in India, which was unveiled by Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha.

This covers delayed flights, compensation norms for cancelled tickets, and even lost baggage, and subsequent actions.

Here are 5 biggest changes, which will be soon unleashed:



Lock-in Period


Once an air-ticket has been booked, a new ‘lock-in period’ will be introduced, wherein anyone can ‘cancel or amend the ticket without any additional charges’. This lock-in period will come into force as soon as the ticket is booked, for a 24-hour period. Hence, if you have booked a ticket by mistake, then it can be cancelled immediately, without any extra fees.


Cancellation Fee

The new Passenger Charter clearly states that the cancellation fees can be more than “basic fare plus fuel surcharge”. In the past, we have observed how 100% of the ticket cost is deducted sometimes after cancellation, and in rare cases, the cancellation cost is more than the actual ticket cost. These discrepancies can be now avoided.

Cancellation When Flight Delayed

As per new rules, effective August 2018, if a flight is delayed by 4 hours or more, then the passenger can cancel the flight without paying anything extra.

Free Accommodation When Cancelled

In case the flight is delayed by more than 24 hours, and involves flying next day (that is after 0000 hours), the airlines will be liable to offer hotel accommodation to the passengers.

Connecting Flight Missed

In case a connecting flight with the same PNR is missed due to a delay of the first flight, then the airlines will be liable to pay Rs 5000 for a delay of 3 hours; Rs 12,000 for delay of 4-12 hours and Rs 20,000 for delay of more than 12 hours.

Baggage Lost Compensation

In case baggage is lost or delayed or damaged by the airlines, then “Rs 3,000 per kg for loss of baggage, Rs 1,000 per kg for the delay and Rs 1,000 per kg for damage of baggage” has been proposed under the new passenger charter.

Disabled Passengers

The charter has proposed special designated seats for disabled passengers, which have to be kept available until the departure. No extra fees can be charged for this arrangement.

As per Minister Sinha, this new charter is part of the #AirSewa campaign, which also includes paper-less boarding via biometric access, which we reported yesterday.

There are four main aspects;

  1. Passenger Charter
  2. DigiYatra ID
  3. AirSewa App
  4. Onboard Wi-Fi Connectivity

which are being connected into one via #AirSewa campaign.

Ministry said,

“Airports such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Varanasi and Vijayawada will roll-out this programme in phases by January 2019,”

Do share your viewpoints and opinions on these latest initiatives by Civil Aviation Ministry, by commenting right here!

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