Biometrics-Based DigiYatra ID Will Make Paperless Boarding A Reality; No Aadhaar Required!

This paperless facility to board and enter airports is purely voluntary, and if a passenger doesn’t want this, they can continue to access the traditional way.


DigiYatra ID Will Allow Paperless Boarding

In a massive initiative, Airports across India have joined their forces to create a unique paperless boarding facility for all air passengers.

Called as DigiYatra ID, this can be a revolution in the aviation sector.

And the most interesting part: Although this will be based on biometric data, Aadhaar won’t be mandatory here.


DigiYatra ID = Paperless Boarding!

Airports Authority of India (AAI) along with the four metro airports have collaborated to create a unique DigiYatra for passengers, using which anyone can do paperless boarding, and enter the aircraft in no time.

A single biometric ‘pass’ would be created, which can be used to unlock eGates at various airports, and regular tasks such as check-ins, security clearances etc can be seamlessly done.

No ID card or verification would be required, once biometric-based authentication is done.

AAI chairman Guruprasad Mohapatra said,

“We have sent this proposal to the ministry. Once approved by the ministry, the DGCA will need to mandate it. We have selected three airports, including Varanasi and Vijaywada, for rolling out DY (DigiYatra),”

Note here, that this paperless facility to board and enter airports is purely voluntary, and if a passenger doesn’t want this, they can continue to access the traditional way.

DigiYatra Based Travel: How Will It Work?

The whole process is based on the portal AirSewa, which was launched last year by Civil Aviation Ministry.

This is how the whole system will work:

Step 1

Passengers who wish to opt for paperless boarding will register themselves at AirSewa portal, and generate a unique DigiYatra.

Step 2

Verify themselves via any Govt. issued ID card, which includes Aadhaar as well.

Step 3

Now, two scenarios arise:

  • The passenger enters this unique DigitYatra at the time of booking a ticket. If this happens, then the passenger can simply visit any airport, and complete the biometric verification via fingerprints and IRIS scan.
  • In case passenger hasn’t mentioned this unique DigiYatra id in the ticket, then also he can visit the airport, and complete the biometric access via IRIS and fingerprint scan.

Step 4

Once done, the biometric data is stored with the airports, forever. Next time, whenever that passenger travels, all he needs to do is present the unique ID, do a biometric verification, and complete the check-in.

Step 5

Besides biometrics, the passengers with unique DigiYatra will be also provided with a QR Code, which can be used for check-in, and as a paperless boarding pass.

The airports will thus, have all the information about the passenger’s travel plans, and accordingly can alert them about the closing time of the gate etc.

DigiYatra promises to abolish three paper-related documents for air travel;

  1. Paper ID Cards
  2. Tickets
  3. Boarding Passes

Will this work?

Do let us know by commenting right here!

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  1. Priya Florence Shah says

    Airsewa only works for domestic flights.

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