Indian Railways New App Will Predict The Fate Of Waitlisted Tickets; Aadhaar Based Attendance For Rail Employees!

Roughly 3 lakh tickets are waitlisted everyday, and the passenger has to make a crucial decision everytime this happens


Indian Railways New App

Indian Railways has once again triggered a slew of technological reforms, under the new Railways Minister Piyush Goyal.

While an app will be now predict if a waitlisted ticket is confirmed or not; Railways employees would now use Aadhaar based attendance system for more transparency and more discipline.

Will it set a precedent for other Govt. departments as well?

Indian Railways App To Predict Waitlisted Tickets’ Fate!

Overall, Indian Railways provide 10.5 lakh berths, per day; and around 13 lakh tickets are booked every 24 hours.

This means, that roughly 3 lakh tickets are waitlisted everyday, and the passenger has to make a decision everytime this happens: Should they cancel their tickets and look for an alternate arrangement or take a chance and see if the waitlisted ticket is confirmed.

But not anymore.

Indian Railways has decided to use technology and AI, and predict whether a particular waitlisted ticket can be confirmed or not.

This new app will use historical data of 13 years, which belongs to IRCTC, and use the data to create a pattern, and then predict the fate of any waitlisted ticket.

As per Railway Ministry spokesperson Anil Saxena,  CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems) is right now working on this app, and the app will share results with the passenger once the waitlisted ticket is booked.

Although not confirmed, but the app can use Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence, and historical data to make the predictions.

Reportedly, the idea of the app came from the new Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

Aadhaar Based Attendance For Railways Employees

In order to induce more discipline, and more transparency, Indian Rail has decided to implement Aadhaar based attendance system for all employees.

To start with, this new system would be implemented across divisions, zones, Metro Rail Kolkata, railways workshop, factories and production units by November 30th.

By January 31st, this new Aadhaar based attendance system will be implemented across every zone and division, which includes  public undertakings, attached and subordinate offices.

In fact, this new system is already in place across railway board and few zonal headquarters.

This new biometric based attendance system has planned in a way that the process can be monitored by divisional railway manager’s office. Talks are also on to install CCTVs to monitor the employees.

An unnamed Railways Official said,

“The plan is to put a check on the officials arriving late or not coming to work at all,”

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

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