Google Allows Booking Flights & Hotels Directly Through Search Results!

Where previously Google redirected users to individual service providers, it now allows users to book tickets directly through the search results.


Book Hotels & Flights In Google Search

Over the years, Google has literally become synonymous with internet search. People don’t search stuff on the internet anymore. They “Google” it. It has become one of the most powerful and useful tools on the internet, spawning an entire ecosystem of services.

Google search is a very convenient and accessible tool which has answers to almost all our queries. From cricket scores to mathematical formulae, you’ll get it all on Google. It had recently added new hotel and flight search feature which made it possible to search for flights and hotel rooms with real-time data.

Now Google has gone one step further to allow users to make their hotel or flight bookings directly from the search results.

Google Just MadeTravelling Easier!


The new update brings detailed search results for hotels that include the tariff and room photos. These results can be filtered based on dates and prices right there on the search pages. Where earlier Google used to redirect the user to service providers’ website to complete the booking, it is now possible for users to complete their bookings within Google’s search page.

Flight bookings work in a similar fashion. They are searchable based on dates and can be filtered based on their availability and pricing. The final booking can be done on the search results page itself.

Google has said that they are working towards improving the user experience even further. They are planning on introducing a tabbed layout which will make it easier to switch between flight and hotel bookings to be able to select the best-suited flight and hotel combination. Google has even added the option to search by destinations. These features come a week after Google had introduced a new feature which used AI to predict flight delays.

More Destinations, More Value

As an added feature, Google will provide a “More Destinations” feature which will give suggestions on short trips nearby to your destination. And Google being Google, it will also show additional services along the way from pre-approved service providers. According to Google, the new search results will prove more effective on mobile devices as they can be used on-the-go.

If you are logged in, Google will also let you take a look at your past trips under the “Your Trips” section. Of course, your trips and searches will be private and will only be visible to you. You can easily share your reservations and the travel itinerary with your friends and family right from the “Your Trips” section.

If you have the Google Trips app and you are logged in using the same account, you can view all your bookings and trip details offline as well.

Google is slowly becoming an indispensable part of our digital lives. Some even argue that Google knows too much. Is it too big a price to pay for convenience?

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