Govt. Plans Chip Inside Set-Top Boxes For Surveillance; Jio DTH Plans Leaked!

Govt. may make it compulsory to insert a special chip inside every set-top box, so that usage habits of every Indian can be tracked.


Chips In Set-Top Boxes For Surveillance

The issue surveillance of the common man becomes intense, as Govt. attempts to monitor and check the TV usage habits of every Indian.

Very soon, Govt. may make it compulsory to insert a special chip inside every set-top box, so that usage habits of every Indian can be tracked.

Govt. has today responded to the allegations of ‘Surveillance’.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports claim that Jio DTH’s plans have been leaked. What is the truth?

Govt. Planning Extreme Surveillance Via Set Top Boxes?

Information and Broadcasting Ministry, headed by Smriti Irani has proposed mandatory installation of a special chip inside every set-top box in India. This has been planned to monitor what Indians are watching, and which TV channels are being preferred by them.

Interestingly, Smriti Irani was a TV actress before she entered politics.

The plan is to get more ‘authentic data’ regarding viewership in India.

An unnamed official said,

“This would help advertisers and the DAVP to spend their advertising expenditure wisely. Only those channels which are widely watched will get promoted.”

In their proposal to The Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP), Ministry said,

“It is also proposed to ask DTH operators to install a chip in the new set-top boxes which can give data about channels watched and their duration.”

Opposition picked up this news and accused the Govt. of mounting unnecessary surveillance.

Randeep Singh Surjewala, in charge of Communications with Congress Party tweeted:

Govt. Denies This Move!

In a quick reaction, after social media erupted in loud protests over this chip news, Govt. has denied that any such proposal has been even made to DAVP.

As per a Times of India report,

“The government has denied opposition charges that the ministry of information and broadcasting is planning a surveillance drive.”

The truth will emerge in coming days.

Jio DTH Plans Leaked?

In the month of February, we had reported that Jio is planning Direct To Home or DTH services, which can potentially disrupt the market.

Now, unconfirmed reports have emerged, which claims that the plans of this new Jio DTH service has been leaked.

As per the rumours, Jio will charge Rs 200 for SD or Standard Definition channels, and Rs 400 for SD and HD (High Definition) channels, per month.

Jio DTH would be based on eMBMS or Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service, which combines radio and TV technologies to provide HD standard channels, seamlessly using high speed Internet.

Jio hasn’t confirmed this news yet. More details are awaited.

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