Following JioFiber, Jio’s DTH Service Expected To Be Launching Soon!

Jio is getting ready to deliver the one-two knockout punch with JioFiber and Jio DTH for high-speed internet and streaming content.


Jio DTH Set To Launch

Reliance Jio is working on a number of services other than its own telecom operations, and the latest reports hint at the launch of its long-awaited JioFiber FTTH broadband service in the country. The company is reportedly working on its much-awaited DTH service as well.

Reliance Jio is known for its ultra-affordable data and voice bundles, which revolutionized the Indian telecom market and made India the largest consumer of mobile data in the world. After shaking up the telecom market, the company soon got into the feature phone space and launched the free Jio Phone with bundled super-affordable data plans. Now the Jio Phone leads in the feature phone segment after dethroning the reigning champ, Samsung.

But the Mukesh Ambani-led company has no plans of stopping as it looks like Jio has a lot more planned for the Indian market.

Upcoming Jio Services

In addition to JioFiber, the company is extensively working on another crucial segment, DTH. Jio is working on it DTH (Direct To Home) service, which is going to be its next big launch after JioFiber.

The company also has a set of services ready for the future, which includes JioFiber Broadband, IoT Hub, Jio Media Streaming Devices and Jio Set-top Box which will power Jio DTH service.

Jio has a range of these unreleased products and services ready. The Jio DTH set-top box is expected to come connected with JioFiber broadband for Internet TV.

The Jio set-top box is not like any other rectangle shaped black boxes we get to see with traditional DTH services. The Jio box has an ultra-slim design, with next-gen connectivity options on board.

The Jio set-top box can connect to any standard HDMI television and can instantly convert the TV into a smart TV, like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick. Jio is also working to provide quality content along with its Jio DTH service.

Media Streaming And 4K Support

Jio’s set-top box can run all the Jio apps which include JioTV and JioCinema, in addition to other media streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and Voot. It will get an integrated Jio Store along with Google Play Store to download Android apps on your television.

The set-top box will support 4K content and will also have 16GB of onboard storage to store downloaded content. Additionally, you can also connect an external hard drive of up to 2TB, to play your own content on the TV.

The remote included with the set-top box looks a lot like the Google Chromecast remote. It has an integrated microphone which will allow voice-assisted commands using Google Assistant or even Jio’s own newly launched voice assistant service Hello Jio.

In addition to high-quality content and streaming apps, Jio has included some unique features. The Jio set-top box will also come with a joystick so that users can play games powered by Nvidia, directly on TV. Users won’t need to connect an external gaming console to play games.

The Jio set-top box is in the final stages of testing. Like its other services, Jio will take its time with the rollout. The company will most likely start with JioFiber in March.

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    Interesting information about telecom and technology

  4. Saji Keezhukara says

    I am in Trivandrumm (Thiruvananthapuram); waiting for Jio FTTH Broadband and DTH to be launched, hoping along with other cities of first phase launching, my city is there. If anyone knows about the first phase cities please inform. In my house, we are using using Jio Phone and two Jio SIMs, and I am happy about Jio overall, especially on the affordable data and cheaper calls front. Thank you Jio.

  5. Devang Chhipa says

    dear team,
    i am in ahmedabad . which date launching for DTH service .
    i am waiting ….

  6. Yash says

    I own a BPO. Seeking for something in domestic. Please let me know if i can have the pleasure to work with you and Jio.

  7. FiberLover says

    For Manoj, down below:

    Hmm. You may be right. I have often veered towards that opinion myself! :)

  8. Aarushi Sharma says

    Eagerly Waiting for Jio fiber DTH service launch . love Jio .

  9. Deepak says

    I Can’t Wait These Service To Launch In My City By The Way Nice Post Thanks For Sharing

  10. Sagar says

    Nice Article
    Thank you very much.

  11. FiberLover says

    Awesome!! :)
    But *TV* is dead ANYWAY – TV is now ON the net!! Jio’s posturing seems a little dinosaur-ish, IMHO.

    1. Dev says

      Yup , but big screen remains no matter what comes like TV on mobile , IPTV , Netflix , Hulu . even I can`t spent more then half an hour on mobile. how can one spent more then hour to watch movies on 5.5 / 6 inch screen ?? Jio fiber is still rocking here , DTH might takes 3-4 months more as still the testing is going on..

      1. FiberLover says

        ?? Why do you have to watch it on a mobile? You can watch it on a desktop or laptop…..? …and by TV I don’t mean Netflix – Netflix is not TV, it’s *on-demand* video, which is totally different. No I mean *TV* – check out this site: Dittotv (Google it).

        1. Manoj says

          Disagree!! The experience of watching stuffs on television is more enjoyable than any other.

        2. Dev says

          I am talking about screen you watch on . I know Netflix , but on whatever device or screen you watch that`s small screen . what`s your screen size of laptop / desktop ?? I think it`s 11 inch to 21 inch range . unless you bypass through HDMI to big screen HDTV. now the 4k has came . fifa 2018 4k is on big HDTV . I can`t watch it 90 minutes on any desktop / laptop screen . So just like HDTV , 70mm big screen remains.

    2. Yuri says

      Dude Xiaomi just launched 55 Inch 4k (3 times 32 inch TV) and since it doesn’t come with Netflix already you will need a vpn and some technical guy to install Netflix usa as you will be greatly limited by Indian Netflix . Even YouTube and Amazon prime are not readily available and will take about 3 months to be integrated to patchwall a firestorm/Chromecast,/Jiotv/minor makes a lot of sense.

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