Delhi Woman Stabs Flipkart Delivery Boy 20 Times; The Reason Will Shock You!

E-commerce is also opening up an entirely new niche of crime and deception, never heard or seen before.


Flipkart Delivery Boy Gets Stabbed

E-commerce industry in India is evolving at a rapid pace, with astonishing growth and expansion across all corners of the country.

However, with its growth and progress, e-commerce is also opening up an entirely new niche of crime and deception, never heard or seen before.

No doubt instance of delivery boys robbing e-commerce portals have come up, but so are cases of crime against delivery boys by customers.

And in both the cases, it is the industry which suffers and bleeds.

Flipkart Delivery Boy Gets Stabbed 20 Times!

In a recent case of unnecessary aggression and crime against a Flipkart’s delivery boy has emerged, which is condemnable. And when you will know the reason, you will be shocked.

30-year-old Kamal Deep, from Nihal Vihar area in New Delhi, had ordered a phone, whose price was Rs 11,000/-.

It seems that the delivery got delayed, and the woman was furious.

Such was the anger, that when Flipkart delivery boy, Keshav, who is 28 years old, visited her home to deliver the handset, she stabbed him 20 times.

Kamal Deep’s brother Jitender Singh, who is 32 years old, also helped her in this crime, and they both not only beat him, stabbed him, but also stole Rs 40,000 which was collected during delivering other orders.

After injuring him, Kamal Deep and her brother left Keshav in a drain at Chandan Vihar.

A senior police official said,

“The injured was identified as Keshav, a resident of Ambica Enclave in Nihal Vihar. He recorded his statement on March 24 and based on his statement, the accused were arrested. A CCTV footage also helped us crack the case,”

Both Kamal Deep and her brother have been arrested.

Meanwhile, Keshav is struggling for his life at a hospital. His only mistake was that he delivered a phone costing Rs 11,000/- late.

Crime Against Delivery Boys Is Rising

During festive days, delivery boys tend to work for more than 18 hours a day, and no doubt it increases their pay and salary and makes them money.

But at the same time, the crimes against them are increasing.

Noida has been described as delivery boy’s worst nightmare, as several instances were reported wherein they were robbed and beaten.

Such was the heat, that Amazon along with Flipkart stopped delivering high-value products to some areas in UP, fearing such incidents.

On Quora, some of the reasons for beating and robbing delivery boys have emerged, and these are: “give me my change of 2 rupees, the POS not working, the order was late, the order was not functioning.”

Such incidents have emerged in Delhi, Pune and even Bangalore.

Do we need a cultural shift here? Or delivery boys will need insurance in future?

What exactly is the problem here? Do share your views and opinions by commenting right here!

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  1. Sanju says

    The sole purpose of stabbing was robbing. Why someone will kill delivery boy just because the delivery is late ? that too with the help of brother. They are not angry about the delivery instead they are criminals just wanted to rob that delivery boy. Shame!!!

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