Search With Image Coming Soon To Amazon India – Now Shop With Pictures!

E-commerce major Amazon India is testing an all-new search feature which will help users by letting them search for products with images.


Amazon India Will Now Have Image Search

Just imagine, you are window shopping and you like a particular thing. You’d obviously want to know its online prices. But you don’t know its name. What if you could click an image of the unknown product you like, and Amazon finds it for you and delivers it to your doorstep?

It is all set to happen in reality soon!

E-commerce major Amazon India is testing an all-new search feature which will help users by letting them search for products with images. You can click a picture, feed it into the Amazon app and it will give you the exact or closely-matching products which you can then buy from Amazon.

Search With Image Feature

The company is testing its upcoming image search feature and a barcode-based shopping option to boost up sales. In a bid to take the number one spot against Flipkart, Amazon India has recently lowered its seller fees. The company is now experimenting with the image recognition feature with a group of select users on Android devices.

There’s voice search already available on Flipkart, but the image search feature on Amazon India will help customers find products in an easier manner.

The company will also integrate the barcode search feature along with the image search option. Offline users can now directly scan the barcode to search for the prices online. Users can scan the product or its barcode to place an order through Amazon India.

The barcode scan will help Amazon to foray into the offline market. Users can directly scan barcodes to place an order. The barcode scan feature is already available in the iOS version. The upgrade to Android version will help Amazon to grow its overall sales in the country.

But barcodes don’t always work, so the image search can make online shopping simpler. One can simply point-and-shoot and directly place an order with Amazon.

More Initiatives For Consumer Education

The image scan feature is still in its testing phase, and the full-scale launch will take some time. Apart from the integration of image and barcode scan feature, Amazon will launch more initiatives like Udaan.

Udaan was initiated by Amazon India address the local problems such as assisted shopping in the distant Indian cities and small towns by providing consumer education on premium Amazon products like Prime and Alexa among others.

With the Image Search and Barcode Scan on Amazon India, it will make online shopping easier and will help the e-commerce company boost sales. The feature is still in its testing phase, and currently is being tested with a small group of users on Android devices.

Amazon Image Search and Barcode Scan features are already available to the users in the US. The company first started with Image Recognition in Amazon Dash Wand in 2014, but it was restricted to only the Prime subscribers and mostly constituted grocery products.

The Image Search and Barcode Scan integration will help Amazon to one-up its closest rival in India – Flipkart in the long run. Now, Flipkart is also foraying into the offline market in collaboration with Walmart.

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