Blog Which Says Patanjali Atta Has Rubber To Be Taken Down On Delhi High Court’s Order!

In case a defamatory video, with no scientific or logical explanation comes up on these platforms, then it can prove to be quite harmful to any brand.


Blog Defaming Patanjali to be Taken Down

A few days back, we had reported that 80% of all Internet users in India are using Youtube; and Facebook along with WhatsApp are the apps which are the most used in India at this moment.

In case a defamatory video, with no scientific or logical explanation comes up on these platforms, then it can prove to be quite harmful to any brand.

Patanjali is the latest victim of such negative propaganda, and understanding the risks involved, Indian Judiciary has supported them in the fight against such defamatory videos.

In an important decision, Delhi High Court has asked Google, Facebook to remove one such video. Will this decision prove to be a precedent for other such videos as well?

Delhi High Court To Google, Facebook: Remove Video!

An unknown video blogger has uploaded a video on Youtube, and Facebook, which claims that Patanjali Atta, one of the most popular products from the Patanjali camp, has rubber content in it, and warns viewers against using it.

It seems Patanjali approached both Facebook and Google to take down the video, but no steps were taken. Finally, they approached Delhi High Court, and after hearing the arguments, the Judge ruled in favour of Patanjali.

Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw has directed Facebook and Google, along with Youtube to immediately take down the video from their platforms. Besides, the Court also ordered Facebook and Google to disclose the account holder who uploaded the video.

Along with Patanjali atta, the video also alleges that  ITC’s ‘Aashirvaad’ brand atta has rubber.

ITC has already obtained a stay order against this video, but no direction was passed by the Court to Facebook and Google in order to remove it.

In Patanjali’s case, the order has been passed, and the social networks are now compelled to remove the video.

Defamatory Video Against Patanjali

There are several versions of this video, which has been originally created in Tamil.

Here is one video, which is still visible on Youtube:

A lady is seen kneading dough from Patanjali atta and then burning the dough on gas, to prove that it has rubber content.

Consuming rubber in atta is no doubt harmful for the human body, but there is no scientific evidence presented in the video.

Meanwhile, Patanjali brand has already shared a video report, conducted by ‘Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research’, which highlights that their atta has no rubber or plastic content.

You can watch this video right here:

Although Patanjali has been accused and blamed in the past for broadcasting advertisements which were termed as ‘misleading’, but such defamatory videos certainly violate freedom of expression and speech on some levels.

Do you think Delhi High Court has done the right thing by banning such videos?

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    This kind of jokes not happen government should take seriously action against on it

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