All Govt. Officials To Use Electric Vehicles In The National Capital!

Power Ministry has ordered all central government departments and Public Sector Units located in the National Capital to only use electric vehicles from now on.


Electric Vehicles Made Compulsory For Govt. Employees

As an optimistic Indian citizen, the best part about the present BJP Govt. is their focus on the future.

If demonetization was a big step towards removal of black money, and implemented suddenly, without any warning, then the push towards electric vehicles can be described as bold, and on some measures, even unrealistic.

Last year, Govt. announced that by 2030, only electric vehicles would be allowed in India. Sceptics termed this as unfeasible and flights of fantasy.

Soon, this target was reduced to 30%, but still, an ambitious one.

Now, in one of the biggest push for electric vehicles, Govt has ordered that all Govt. officials in New Delhi will have to use only electric vehicles from now on.

This is certainly one major reform, which can trigger the adoption of electric vehicles, all over the nation.

Can this happen?

Govt. To Babus: Use Only Electric Vehicles!

Power Ministry has ordered all central government departments and Public Sector Units located in the National Capital to only use electric vehicles from now on.

Govt wants 30% of all vehicles to be electric by 2030, and this announcement related to the mandatory use of electric vehicles is a big push.

This rule mandates all travel to be in electric mode, within NCR.

The letter by Power Ministry said,

“in the first phase, it is proposed that all ministries/departments of Government of India and their attached/subordinate offices/PSUs located in the NCR, may switch over to electric mobility for local use i.e for the vehicles which will run within NCR”.

How Will This Get Implemented?

As per reports coming in, Power Ministry has already placed an order of 10,000 electric vehicles, which would be now used by Govt. babus, and PSUs.t

This order has been placed by Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), which is a JV of all PSUs working under the Power Ministry.

The Govt. babus have been asked to either buy the electric vehicles from EESL quotations or arrange their own.

Suitable charging points will also be implemented across the Govt. premises and neat petrol pumps for ease of charging.

As per Power Ministry letter, e-vehicles can save 30% of the overall costs of running a fuel based vehicle and will help in curbing pollution, and more importantly, setting a new standard.

As per information shared by the Ministry, a single charge can power 130 km of travel, which is sufficient for inter-city travel.

We had earlier reported that South Delhi Municipal Corporation and New Delhi Municipal Council have ordered around 200 electric cars, for their officials. This way, Delhi is embracing electric mobility in a big, massive way.

Do you think that usage of electric cars by Govt. officials will inspire others? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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