Mobility Revolution: India’s 1st Heli-Taxi Launched; Delhi Govt. Is Buying e-Cars!

When the travel time reduced from 1.5 hours to mere 15 minutes, then it changes so many things.


India's 1st Heli-Taxi Started In Bengaluru

Two very important news pertaining to mobility in India has occurred in the last 24 hours; both laying foundation for a glorious future.

India’s first helicopter taxi service has been successfully launched in Bengaluru, which drastically reduces travel time for commuters.

Meanwhile, Delhi Govt. is embracing eCars in a massive way; as they aim to replace all Govt. vehicles with electric vehicles by 2030.

India’s 1st Heli-Taxi Launched!

Right now, at the time of writing, if someone from Electronics City in Bengaluru wants to reach the Kempegowda International Airport, then the estimated travel time, as per Google Maps is 1 hours 43 minutes.

What if this distance is covered in 15 minutes?

Kerala based Thumby Aviation Private Limited has launched India’s first helicopter taxi service in Bengaluru, and passengers are excited all right!

When the travel time reduced from 1.5 hours to mere 15 minutes, then it changes so many things.

One of the passengers, who was among the first batch of this new service, said,

“Reaching airport in just 12 minutes was only a fantasy, but now it has become reality. It is unbelievable, I never thought something like this could be possible.”

The fare between Electronic City and Kempegowda International Airport is fixed at Rs 4,130/- per seat, and the timings are between 6:30 am to 9:30 am and from 3:15 pm to 6:15 pm.

Soon, the service would be launched for HAL Airport as well. A maximum of 15 kg of luggage is allowed as of now.

Delhi Govt. Embrace E-Cars!

Meanwhile, in Delhi, the civic body has started embracing e-Cars in a big, massive way.

They want to replace all petrol/diesel Govt. vehicles with electric vehicles by 2030, and the process has already started.

South Delhi Municipal Corporation has bought 32 e-Cars, and around 30 charging stations would be set up, all across the city.

By March end, they plan to buy 40 eCars.

Meanwhile New Delhi Municipal Council has decided to buy 80 electric cars by Mid-March, and set up 87 charging stations at Palika Kendra, Talkatora Stadium, Vidyut Bhawan at Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Road and auto workshop at Laxmi Bai Nagar and Shivaji Stadium.

A senior NDMC official said

“We have procured two electric vehicles and the work order for balance 78 has been given to the Energy Efficiency Solution Limited (EESL). The supply of these vehicles is likely to be received by second week of March,”

Dehi, which is reeling under severe pollution, needs more such mobility revolutions.

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  1. Somnath Biswas says

    Smart move by Delhi Govt. And 2.5 stars to the idea of helicopter ride to the airport, frankly prefer the helicopter to the Air Taxi Drones that the likes of EHang are working on. But the day we find a way to make these solutions mass market that is when we truly have a solution in place.

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