Aqueous Hybrid Battery WIll Now Charge Your Mobile in 30 Seconds!

The new technology will no doubt use the same old’ cathode and anode, but in a new, revolutionary way.


Aqueous Hybrid Battery

The issue of the battery is still one of the most mysterious and unsolved problems of the modern era. Lithium-based batteries, which we are currently using, have reached an almost saturation point, where it cannot be improved.

However, alternatives are being developed, which can solve the power problem, and some interesting developments have taken place.

Korean scientists have now developed a hybrid, aqueous battery, which has been claimed to charge a battery within 30 seconds.

How is it possible? We will soon explore.

Recharge Your Mobile in 30 Seconds!

This actually seems too good to be true: Imagine a new, non-lithium based battery, which takes just 30 seconds to fully recharge.

Not only your mobile but also your laptops, tablets and other gadgets can actually transform.

Scientists from Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have successfully demonstrated that this is indeed possible.

In their research paper titled: “Synthesis of Pseudocapacitive Polymer Chain Anode and Subnanoscale Metal Oxide Cathode for Aqueous Hybrid Capacitors Enabling High Energy and Power Densities along with Long Cycle Life”, Korean scientists Il Woo Ock, Jae Won Choi, Hyung Mo Jeong and Jeung Ku Kang have proved its existence.

As per the findings, the new form of battery is safe, stable, consistent, and boasts of ‘high energy and power densities’, which actually allows them to be recharged in as less as 20 seconds!

Jeung Ku Kang, a co-author of this study, said,

“This eco-friendly technology can be easily manufactured and is highly applicable. In particular, its high capacity and high stability, compared to existing technologies, could contribute to the commercialization of aqueous capacitors. The device can be rapidly charged using a low-power charging system, and thus can be applied to portable electronic devices.”

How Does The Aqueous Hybrid Battery Work?

Same old’ cathode and anode are no doubt used but in a new, revolutionary way.

A new form of a liquid electrolyte has been developed, which is sandwiched between a specially-designed anode and cathode.

While the anode is made of polymer chain materials based on graphene, which gives it a high surface area, and thus capability to store more energy.

A cathode, on the other hand, is made from nickel oxide nanoparticles embedded in graphene.

The molecular structure of these materials has produced a new form of storage mechanism, which has higher energy density and faster energy exchange.

And, the important part: Energy loss. Experiments have shown that this hybrid battery has near-zero energy loss, maintaining their capacity at 100% over 100,000 redox cycles.

In short, the new battery is over 100 times more powerful than traditional lithium-based batteries, which are currently in use.

Now, it would be interesting to observe how soon can this battery be commercially launched, and how soon can it improve the current power woes.

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