Renault’s Electric Cars Coming Soon To India; Apple Banking On Services Revenue!

Automakers are holding back their electric models as there is still no word from the government on the framework of rules and laws governing electric cars.


Renault's Electric Cars Coming Soon To India

After announcing the KWID Superhero Edition, in association with Marvel, the French automaker has a set of electric vehicles ready for the Indian market in its global portfolio. The company is waiting for clarity in the government policy before it launches its electric vehicles in India.

Till then the company will keep on rolling out its regular models with conventional engines in the segments where it is not present. Renault has said that even though they have the technology for electric vehicles ready, they will not introduce such vehicles in the country until the laws and rules governing such vehicles are clarified by the government.

The Government Nod For Electric Cars

The company needs a clear roadmap on how the government wants it to be laid down, and the company would grant a sizable investment for the new vertical accordingly.

The company is awaiting government’s support for the infrastructure and network of charging stations before the company decides to go ahead in the segment. Renault will showcase electric vehicles from its global portfolio at the upcoming Auto Expo event to be held from February 9 to February 14 at Greater Noida.

Renault & India

The entry-level Renault Kwid has already sold over 2.2 lakh units in the country. It is giving a tough competition to bestseller hatchbacks like Maruti Suzuki Alto and Datsun Redi GO, since its launch in September 2015. For 2018, the French automaker has set its target of consistently selling over one lakh units this year.

In 2017 Renault has retailed over 1.14 lakh units and the wholesale was 1.12 lakh units with Kwid and Duster being the best sellers. The company is planning to double the numbers this year.

At present Renault holds the 7th position in passenger vehicles segment in the Indian car market. The company will also be introducing a petrol variant of its newly launched SUV Renault Captur next week.

Apple & Services Revenue – iPhone’s Future Unpredictable

Apple has started facing challenges as its iPhone has hit maturity. It is now depending more on services for its revenue generation as their quarterly performance is noticeably decreasing.

The first quarter of 2018 has raised many questions for Apple, including iPhone pricing and volume change in the future. The overall sales have declined in the consumer electronics market and Apple is struggling with innovation.

Analysts are saying that Apple’s future revenue growth will depend majorly on their services and other product categories more than iPhones.

The unpredictability of iPhone’s growth will keep increasing and Apple’s first-quarter performance in 2018 is the first hint of that.

Despite these challenges and changes, the company’s strengths are their customers’ loyalty and support. Apple is leading the wearables market with a growing installed user base. For now, the iPhone is still gaining smartphone market share around the world.

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