How To Link Your SIM With Aadhaar Using The IVR System!

UIDAI has made it more convenient to link your SIM with Aadhaar over the phone using an IVR system


Link Your SIM With Aadhaar

The Aadhaar system has seen its shares of surprises and controversies. But things are slowly improving as the government is pushing for more clarity and ease in implementation of some of its directives. It has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with all important documents like insurance policies and even the PAN card. Important services like your Demat account and your mobile number need to be connected with Aadhaar.

Previously there was only one way of linking your SIM with Aadhaar. That was to go to the nearest store of your service provider and get it done. It was a tedious time-consuming process which meant waiting in queues for hours. To counter this, UIDAI had proposed a new and easier way of linking SIM with Aadhaar.

Now you can call a toll-free number 14546 and reverify your Aadhaar number on your mobile number through an Interactive Voice Response System or IVRS. But this service is only available to Indian Nationals living in India. NREs and NRIs will still have to visit the telecom store to verify their Aadhaar numbers.

Here’s how you go about it.


Link Your SIM With Aadhaar Using The IVR System

The toll-free number 14546 is common across all telecom service providers in India and it is a completely free service. You can verify your Aadhaar with Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL using this process. Before you begin the actual process, here are a few pointers and things to keep ready in front of you;

  • The mobile number which is registered with your Aadhaar number and you wish to re-verify. You will need it to call the IVR verification system.
  • Your 12-digit Aadhaar number, in case you haven’t memorized it. You will need to be enter it to start the process.
  • The mobile number you have registered with your Aadhaar card. You will receive your OTP from Aadhaar on this number.

Now let us begin.

Step 1

Call the toll-free number 14546. Select your preferred language and confirm that you are an Indian national when prompted to do so.

Step 2

Provide your consent to move ahead with your verification. This is an important step and has been made mandatory by the government for all telecom service providers.

Step 3

Enter your Aadhaar number when prompted. The IVR will read it back to you once you entered. You can either confirm it or correct it if you have made any mistakes.

Step 4

You have to provide your approval to the service provider to be able to use your Aadhaar details for verification.

Step 5

Enter the OTP you receive on the number registered with your Aadhaar card. This will validate your re-verification request.

Step 6

You will be asked if you have any additional mobile numbers in your name and whether you want to register them under your name. You can provide your other number if you wish to do so or you can choose to end the verification process.

Step 7

If you had opted to enter your additional mobile numbers in the previous step, you will have to enter them one-by-one. This step merely adds the numbers to your Aadhaar account. But you will have to carry out the re-verification for each of them individually.

Step 8

Your verification is done. Now you just have to wait for your confirmation SMS which will be sent to you in the next 24-26 hours.

That’s it!

If the verification process was successful, your SIM will be linked to your Aadhaar. The entire process should take you about 4-5 minutes. Now that you have linked your SIM to your Aadhaar, spread the word.

Share these easy steps with your near and dear ones and help them be Aadhaar-ready.

Check out our video below which walks you through the process step-by-step.

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