India Produces 25% Of World’s Engineers, But Lacks In Researchers!

Though India leads in the the number of engineering and science graduates, it is severely lagging behind in no. of researchers who drive innovation.


India Producing Most Engineers In The World

As per a recent report, India has beaten all other countries of the world in creating engineers and science graduates. As per the numbers from a 2014 study, which was released now, 25% of world’s science and engineering graduates are from India.

But at the same time, we are severely lacking behind in researchers, as China and US are hogging all the limelight in that aspect.

Meanwhile, UBS Group AG had warned that increased automation in Indian workforce can lead to ‘social issues’, which can be also translated into ‘social unrest’, as more and more jobs are being taken away by the programming codes and robots.

If we relate these two news, then a new reality dawns upon us – We will have more engineers and science graduates than jobs, and this can become a big social issue in the coming days.

Are we prepared?

India Home To 25% Of All Engineers!

US-based National Science Foundation has released their report titled ‘Science and Engineering Indicators 2018 report’, as per which India is world’s #1 country in producing engineering and science graduates.

National Science Foundation referenced to their own 2014 report, as per which there are approximately 7.5 million engineering and science graduates in the world, out of which one-fourth are in India.

As per various estimates, around 1.5 million engineers graduate per year in India.

The report, however, laments the fact that there are not enough post-graduate researchers in India, as China and US have maximum research happening.

While the US awarded record 40,000 Science and Technology post-graduate doctoral degrees in 2014, thereby becoming #1 nation to do so globally, China awarded 34,000 such degrees; meanwhile, India managed only 13,000.

In China, the number of doctoral degrees in Science and Engineering has gone up by 300%, as they are spending a lot on research and development, which India is clearly missing.

While not many science and engineering graduates are passing out in the US, they are #1 in spending on research and development as well: With total spending of $496 billion in research and development, US commands 26% of the global share in this aspect.

China is at #2 position, with $408 billion spending on research and development.

India is not even in the top 10 list.

Automation May Lead To Social Issues in India

Meanwhile, UBS Group AG has clearly stated that increased automation in various jobs in India has the potential to trigger various social issues across the nation.

In short, there would be more graduates and skilled workers, and fewer jobs, and this means trouble.

The report stated,

“This could be a grey-sky scenario for India in terms of gross domestic product and earnings growth, and could also lead to major social issues..”

As per UBS, this condition may lead to protectionism by Govt., which can deter international brands from coming to India, and this will set a vicious circle.

UBS has also predicted that more automation can lead to slower GDP growth as well, as fewer jobs are produced, leading to mass unemployment and a weaker economy.

If we relate this report to the news about fewer researchers coming up from India, then the circle is complete: Our educational system is producing more engineers, who are suited for corporate structure, but fewer researchers who can induce innovation and more creative ideas.

Maybe it is time for us to change?

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