CBSE Makes Aadhaar Mandatory For JEE Mains Exam; Now Register For Marriage Using Aadhaar!

CBSE has just released the dates for applying JEE Mains-2018, and the mandatory Aadhaar clause has been mentioned to avoid any confusion.


Aadhaar Mandatory For CBSE

If you want to understand how and what a typical Indian does in his lifetime, all you need to do is trail his/her Aadhaar subscriptions.

Last year, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), which conducts JEE examinations, had made Aadhaar mandatory. This year onwards, the rule came into force, which means that you will be required to show your Aadhaar card before entering the examination centre and before applying.

Besides, Maharashtra Govt. has launched a portal through which anyone can register their marriage using the Aadhaar card number.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad administration is in a fix, because there are more number of Aadhaar card holders in the city, than the total population.

We investigate..

Aadhaar Must For Appearing JEE Mains – CBSE

CBSE has just released the dates for applying JEE Mains -2018, and the mandatory Aadhaar clause has been mentioned to avoid any confusion.

As per the latest circular issued, students are asked to mention their Aadhaar numbers while applying for next year’s JEE Mains exam. Those who don’t have Aadhaar need to be showcase their enrollment ID, which is generated after applying for Aadhaar.

The circular clearly states that if students don’t have Aadhaar, they need to immediately apply for the same before the cut-off dates.

Here are the important dates for JEE Mains -2018:

  • Commencement of Online Application Process: December 1, 2017
  • Last date to apply online: January 1, 2018
  • Date for Paper based exam: April 8, 2018
  • Date for Computer based exam: April 15-16, 2018

Marriage Registration Using Aadhaar In Maharashtra

Meanwhile Department of Registration and Stamps , Govt. Of Maharashtra, has made marriage registrations easier. The couple can now register their marriage using their Aadhaar card, by visiting their official website, and create an account and fill in the details.

The couple will receive confirmation message on their mobile, mentioning the date of appointment and marriage dates. Afterwards, they just need to visit the office once to solemnize the marriage.

This provision has been made under Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Hyderabad Administration In A Fix Over Aadhaar Numbers

On the other hand, Hyderabad administration has a task at hand, because the total number of Aadhaar registrations and users is exceeding the total population of the city.

As per census projections, total population of Hyderabad should be 43 lakh, but UIDAI data is showing 66 lakh Aadhaar users in the city. This is a gap of 23 lakh.

Meanwhile, while the total population of Rangareddy district is 57.4 lakh, only 50.6 lakh Aadhaar cards have been issued.

Providing an explanation, an UIDAI official said,

“It appears that details of many from Rangareddy district, who live on the border with the state capital, have got included in Hyderabad statistics, due to which it has more Aadhaar cards and Rangareddy has less,”

There is some major confusion, which Hyderabad city administration is trying to resolve.

We will keep you updated as more information is received..

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