Mumbai To Pune In 20 Minutes! Hyperloop Set To Make It A Reality!

The hype and hoopla around Hyperloop transportation in India refuses to die down.


Virgin Hyperloop One

It seems like the hype and hoopla around Hyperloop transportation in India refuses to die down. After Andhra Pradesh government signed an agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to connect Vijaywada with Amravati, it is now the turn of Maharashtra government and Karnataka Urban Development Department (KUDD).

Both these entities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Virgin Hyperloop One to search and identify potential efficient routes to connect high-growth cities and also to improve inter-city mobility in these two states.


What Is Hyperloop Transportation System?

The Hyperloop transportation system is made up of two massive tubes laid out between two destinations, one each for journey in either direction. Special compartments, like train compartments, will travel through these pods at theoretical speeds of around 700 mph while carrying people! Even if half that speed is achieved in reality, it is an unimaginably fast speed for travelling over land.

The compartments will be propelled forward by magnetic accelerators placed along the length of the tubes at regular intervals. The compartments will ride on a cushion of air, created by low air-pressure around them.  These compartments will be pushed forward by these magnetic accelerators by creating opposing magnetic fields.

It works on some simple principles of Physics. Since the compartments ride on a cushion of air, there is no actual friction, which results in greater efficiency and super-fast speeds!

Mumbai To Pune In 20 Minutes?

Mumbai and Pune look to be the first in line to receive Hyperloop connectivity in Maharashtra.  If it comes to fruition, the travel-time between Mumbai and Pune is expected to be cut down to just 20 minutes!

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said:

“A hyperloop route requires high-density traffic to become viable as a means of rapid public transit. Mumbai and Pune, the most and seventh most populous cities in India respectively, have the potential to provide an optimal route with a high density. By reducing travel time to under 20 minutes, a hyperloop route will help intensify the connectivity between the metropolitan regions of Pune and Mumbai, transforming the two cities into India’s first and largest Megapolis,”

Karnataka Wants A Piece Of Hyperloop Action

There are also plans to introduce hyperloop connectivity in Karnataka where a majority of India’s IT industries are located. Bangalore is reeling under traffic jams and the resulting pollution, which leads to loss of productivity and revenue in addition to posing various health problems.

Priyank Kharge, MoS for ITBT and Tourism, Karnataka, said,

”Bengaluru has been the IT hub of the country, and all major tech giants have been functioning out of the regions. The introduction of a technology like hyperloop will further add to the pace at which the state wants to grow,”

Hyperloop Around The World

Virgin Hyperloop One has claimed to have carries out successful tests at its Nevada test track in the US. India is certainly not the first country to get this transportation system. The company is working on projects in the UAE, the US, Canada, Finland and the Netherlands which are similar to ones being proposed here in India.

Nick Earle, SVP Global Field Operations, Virgin Hyperloop One, said,

”We recognise the vital role of technology in larger initiatives like that of Digital India, and we strongly believe that Virgin Hyperloop One can be a strong addition to this initiative. India is one of the most important geographies for developing hyperloop networks and reimagining the complete transportation system. With this preliminary study, we are excited to initiate the buildup of a strong foothold that we foresee in future throughout the state,”

Hyperloop is a very futuristic-sounding technology and there are many who question its legitimacy and feasibility. But, what the world needs right now is disruptive tech like Hyperloop to ease transportation woes in major cities around the world.

Here’s hoping for a fresh look at transportation tech and a pollution-free future.


    Hyper Loop Technology is good in using Urban Transportation. With this concept, Public Travel Time will be saving a lot. This can be Integrated with other related Technologies / fields and can be used in the Project:- Driver less Car – New Concept.

  2. Muhammed Muzaffar says

    Dear all readers, @ a speed almost one and half a fold faster than aeroplane, really makes me feel proud of what the wisdom the almighty God has blessed the human being with as He describes this being His best creation. Hip hip hooray…
    I would rather say instead of going for bullet train which is many fold costly, time consuming and too dear to afford by India’s so called common man, we must prefer this technology being implemented. Thanks again..

  3. Mud says

    Awesome!! :)

  4. Ramachandra V.Sakhadeo says

    Even if such high speeds are possible, can the human body take the acceleration from zero velocity to 400 km.per hour velocity or whatever is being talked about. ?

  5. Zoher Mukadam says

    A leap in technology has to be taken in digestible steps. if u have USB 1.0 then you cannot jump straight to USB 4.0. First let the government and rail ministry replace the age old British Raj tracks between Mumbai and Pune and decrease the current time of the rail journey from 4 hours to 1.5 hours rather than dreaming of 20 mins.

    Does it make sense what i am saying ?

    1. Mud says

      No. Keep quiet. You’re talking Nonsense.

      1. Zoher Mukadam says

        Face the Reality ! What i said is the real world not living in a land of fantasy !

        1. Viranchi says

          The current Rail tracks are capable of doing that and the railways too. But many things are there which prevents such cases. Stoppage at between stations is one of them. But yes, the pace can be increased by changing infrastructure too.

        2. Mud says

          Yes! It’s absolutely true that any work in India proceeds at a snail’s pace – but if somebody is trying to CORRECT that, they deserve kudos, don’t you think??

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