Hyperloop Is Coming To India – Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life!

Hyperloop could be the future of transport



Right now, nothing could be more futuristic than the Hyperloop Transportation System. Covering vast distances in a matter of minutes is a dream man has been trying to achieve since the invention of the wheel. It has been a successful journey so far. From carts to automobiles to trains and finally to aeroplanes.

But things have pretty much hit a plateau since the aeroplanes. The Concorde successfully rose from that plateau to offer the fastest mode of commercial travel available to all the people. But that didn’t last long. It was expensive and an unsustainable mode of travel.

Nowhere at any point of this long journey has the need for faster transportation been felt so keenly, than the present. With land-based travel, either by car or train, having hit the ceiling, it has reached a saturation point. Over-crowding, pollution and fast depleting fossil fuels are the most damning problems facing mankind today.

Hyperloop is being proposed as the commercial transportation solution of the future. And it is coming soon to India. Let us acquaint ourselves with the transport of future.

What Is Hyperloop?

The concept of Hyperloop Transport System has been proposed by inventor Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and the mind behind Tesla line of Electric Automobiles.

The Hyperloop system includes two massive tubes connecting two destinations, one each for journey in either direction. Pods, like train compartments, carrying people would travel through these pods at speeds touching 700 mph! Even if half that speed is achieved in reality, these are unimaginable speeds for travelling over land.

Propulsion would be achieved by magnetic accelerators placed along the length of the tubes at regular intervals. The pods would ride on a coushin of air, created by air low pressure around the pods and would be pushed ahead by the magnetic accelerators.

It is simple physics. No friction means greater efficiency and mind-boggling speeds!

The Future Of Transportation Is Coming To India

Recently the Andhra Pradesh Government has signed an agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to connect Vijaywada with the new capital city of Amravati. The journey which usually takes one hour is expected to be shortened to six minutes!

The agreement will work on public-private partnership model. The project will draw its funds primarily from private sources to complete its construction.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board (AP-EDB) and Hyperloop Transportation Technology (HTT) in the city of Amravati. While the official release on the MoU did not disclose any numbers regarding project costs, it is being estimated that the project will involve $200 million worth of investment.

If it all goes according to plan, the project is expected to be implemented in two phases. The first phase will involve doing a feasibility study on ground. It is expected to begin as early as the October of this year and will go on for the next six months. The actual construction of the Hyperloop is the second phase of this ambitious project.

Bibop Gresta, Chairman of HTT stated, “We are extremely delighted to bring the HTT Hyperloop to India in partnership with Andhra Pradesh. HTT will work with local stakeholders to build the regulatory standards necessary for safe and efficient operation.”

Hyperloop In India: It Is Almost A Reality

This project is expected to generate around 2500 jobs during its construction. During the initial phase, HTT will work in coordination with both, private and public, stakeholders to determine the optimal route to connect the two cities for this pilot project. AP-EDB will guide HTT through all regulatory compliances to ensure all that all Government approvals are in place as it moves ahead full steam.

If this project proves successful, it could be implemented across India and may just be the answer to all the traffic woes facing India. Just imagine! You could travel between Mumbai and New Delhi in just 80 minutes using this revolutionary means of travel!

Let us leave you on that sweet note to think of the possibilities that could open up and what it could mean for progress of India.

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  1. Mud says

    This sounds awesome! Please God, for ONCE, let something cool happen in India!

  2. Zoher Mukadam says

    It is futuristic technology which will take atleast 10 years to complete. In India things happen statewise n not country wise because each CM has his own priorities than to think of the nation

    Since chandra babu naidu in his days had the power to improve the infrastructure in AP they are taking it to the next level

    But what about other states n cities like Pune whose basic infrastructure is yet to improve

    First let us have strong cemented roads all across our nation instead of looking into futuristic technology

    In India the basic infrastructure has to improve drastically the illiteracy rate has to come down the digital divide gap has to shorten and the people have to leave the ignorance and start reacting


  3. Piyal says

    Hyperloop is not commercially implemented anywhere in the world. In India they are creating only hype.

    1. Arun says

      Agree with your words. Its just a political gimmick to gain popularity, In realty not even metro works also started at Amaravathi capital of AndhraPradesh. Now they are diverting public focus to Hyperloop so that people will forget about Metro. At Hyderabad also same situation too much delay in Metro launch, I think now it would be KCR turn that they will focus on Hyper loop Tech. Waste of time to care about these people words.

  4. Swapnil says

    Did you mean to say 700km/h,since you have written 700m/h,which I can cover 700m in 2 min??

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