Flipkart Launching Their Own Phone Capture+ Under Their ‘Billion’ Brand!

Following Amazon, Flipkart is diversifying their Billion brand with the launch of Billion Capture+


Flipkart Billion Capture+

This is a classic case of a platform provider of brands turning into a brand itself. The path, which was inaugurated by the likes of Amazon, has now its newest traveller: Flipkart.

In a major twist to the saga of smartphones in India, Flipkart, India’s largest ecommerce portal (and technically a marketplace), has decided to launch their own brand of smartphone, very intelligently called Capture+.

This new phone would be launched their under Billion brand umbrella, which was launched in August this year. At that time, we had speculated that Billion brand will launch products such as kitchen appliances, backpacks, small accessories, etc, based on niche partnerships with domestic manufacturers, under ‘Make in India’ vision.

However, Flipkart has created ripples across by directly challenging the likes of Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple and other players in the smartphone market.

And, the biggest indication of this call of war is the date of launch: November 15th; because it is exactly a day earlier to OnePlus’s much hyped and anticipated launch of 5T model, for which tickets have been sold in theaters as well.

Will Flipkart be able to sabotage the excitement of OnePlus5T launch?

We will soon find out..

Flipkart’s Smartphone To Focus on Camera, Battery

As evident from the marketing campaigns of Vivo, OnePlus and even Apple, camera is now the one of the biggest selling points of any smartphone.

Understanding it, and acknowledging it, Flipkart has very smartly named their new handset as Capture+, which we all know is a term used when we click photos.

It seems Capture+ mobile will have ‘Supernight mode’; ‘Bokeh effect’ and ‘Depth-of-Field’ effects for their high profile camera.

Besides, on their teaser page which is placed on their website, Flipkart boasts of ‘hours of battery with minutes of charging’, which strongly indicates their relentless focus on the battery issue, something which is still unsolved even in 2017.

Unlimited Cloud storage, better multi-tasking features, full HD display, which brings ‘India’s colors to life’ (observe the emphasis on ‘India’ here..), Android Nougat and a premium body with easy to hold edges are some of the other prominent features.

Besides, the biggest asset which Flipkart has right now: their vast network of service centers across India, would be optimally utilized here

As per the teaser page, Flipkart’s new phone would be available across 130 service centres across 125 Indian cities.

And, they are seeking partners for expanding their network as well.

Billion Capture+: Should You Care?

Of course! Insiders of this industry knows how manufacturing of the phone is now almost centralized, with couple of OEMs churning out 80% of all smartphones sold in the world. (which includes Apple, Samsung as well)

The difference lies in the ratio of price vs features; and how the marketing is done.

And the main differentiator lies in the platform where it is being sold.

Flipkart alone accounted for 51% of all smartphones sold online last year, and they have been selling crores of smartphones via their own platform.

Now, as they have decided to become the brand, instead of helping other brands to sell, it makes perfect sense to stop, and observe what they are offering. They have the trust factor, they have the distribution and they know what customers of smartphones are seeking.

All they need to do is, connect the dots, and we have a brand new smartphone company ready to shake the thrones of Apple and Samsung, in India.

The price hasn’t been disclosed yet.. If you have any guesses, please do share right here!

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