Google Chrome To Be Updated To Fight Better Against Unscrupulous Ads!

Unwarranted third party pop-ups and unwanted redirects hamper the web surfing experience, with the added danger of malware.


Google Chrome Ad Fighting

Most of the blogs and websites online, offer their content or services free to their users. But they have to earn their money somewhere, right? Advertising revenue helps websites to keep going. But sometimes, these advertisements are more distracting than helpful.

These redirect and pop-up ads hamper the surfing experience. So, Google has decided to put an end to these distractions, to offer a seamless internet experience.


Redirect Ads – Indirect Revenue Generators

The redirect ads are basically circumvent pop-ups on your browser done by third party advertisers by blocking or going around the firewall. It is now a standard feature among the browsers.

The content of such ads is not controlled by website operators and are usually operated directly by the ad network. These ads have been generating a major chunk of advertising revenue for Google.

Third Party Pop-Ups: Potential Malware

Majority of the pop-ups easily breaks into the browser by breaking the firewall and it hijacks the current page to load an ad which is often styled to look like a system warning or redirects to another page with additional tabs and windows.

These third party pop-ups can be potential malware, which can affect your system directly and open it up for hacking and other malicious activities.

All Third Party Ads Will Be Blocked

Chrome will now start blocking all the pop-ups and redirects coming from third-party advertisers. The final update for ad-free Chrome hasn’t rolled out yet, and is in the Developer channel presently.

The new Chrome will be out in beta in about a month. The stable version will be probably released on 23rd January 2018 for both, mobile as well as desktop versions.

Antivirus And Ad-Filters

The new protective features will definitely improve the web browsing experience for users. Last month, Google have added a number of anti-virus features to Chrome browser for Windows.

Google had previously announced that they will add an ad-blocker in Chrome, referring to it as a “filter” to block certain unwanted ads. It will still allow ads which follow the proper guidelines. Chrome already has several extensions available on their Web Store for blocking ads and pop-ups on web pages.

Abusive Experiences Report

Google is launching an Abusive Experiences Report on their Google Search Console where site owners can check whether their websites have such unwanted ads. If there’s a problem found and it is not fixed within the next 30 days, the site will be blocked from opening new web pages and triggering page redirects.

Clean Up Or Leave: Google Chrome

Earlier this year Google started a campaign against malicious ads, where the company had said that advertisers need to clean up their ads or they won’t be allowed to appear on Chrome at all. Advertisers have been given a period of one year till the ads need follow all the given guidelines to appear on Chrome. It is a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to display much more bearable and suitable ads.

Google will start working with the Coalition for Better Ads, other tech giants and social media groups to bring better and sustainable advertising to their respective platforms!

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