Airtel Is Offering Up To 1000GB Data Rollover To Its Broadband Users!

Data Rollover seems to be the latest buzzword doing the rounds of telecom industry nowadays.


Airtel Broadband Data Rollover

Data Rollover seems to be the new buzzword doing the rounds of telecom industry nowadays. Vodafone’s new RED plans, which they unveiled today, have introduced this feature for their postpaid users.

This concept of data rollover was introduced in India by Airtel for their postpaid customers, a few months back. The idea seems to have taken hold and telecoms have started offering it as a value addition to their plans.

In the telecom world post Jio’s entry, any value addition a telecom company can offer to its subscribers is one step towards customer-retention.

What Is Data Rollover?

In a postpaid plan, generally the data offered doesn’t get fully utilized. At the end of the billing cycle, this unused data expires and is considered a wastage. So, in effect, the subscribers end up paying for the data that they do not use.

It was Airtel who first introduced the concept of data rollover for their postpaid subscribers. In this feature, the unused data of a completed billing cycle is carried forward and added to the next billing cycle.

E.g. Let’s assume that you get 2GB data in your postpaid plan in a month. Out of that, you end up using 1.5GB data in the billing cycle. In the days before data rollover, the remaining 500MB  data would’ve been wasted. So you ended up paying for 2GB data, when you used only 1.5GB of it. In data rollover, the remaining 500MB data is carried over and added to the next billing cycle. So, in the next cycle you will get 2.5GB of data instead of the regular 2GB.

It ends up giving the full value for your money’s worth.

Now Airtel Broadband Offering Data Rollover Scheme

Now, Airtel is offering this facility to their broadband subscribers. Airtel’s broadband users can accumulate up to 1000GB data per account while the limit for Airtel postpaid users is 500GB data per account.

Currently Airtel is the only fixed-line ISP in India offering this scheme. This move is aimed towards providing value-addition for Airtel’s broadband users.

Airtel is India’s second largest fixed-line broadband operator with over 2.1 million subscribers. Airtel is offering data speeds of up to 100 Mbps, in over 87 cities, with the help of V-Fiber technology.

George Mathen, CEO – Homes, Bharti Airtel, said,

“At Airtel, our constant endeavour is to deliver best in class service experience and great value to our customers. With this innovation, our home broadband users no longer have to worry about their unused data, which will always be available to them. Home broadband continues to drive the massive growth of in-home consumption of online content and the combination of Airtel V-Fiber and ‘data rollover’ will enable a truly world-class experience for today’s digital homes.”

Users will have complete control over their account’s usage through the MyAirtel app. This facility is a part of Airtel Project Next, under which Airtel is upgrading its entire service and infrastructure network across the country.

Existing Airtel broadband customers can check their eligibility for the data rollover facility through the MyAirtel app. New customers joining Airtel’s broadband network will be automatically eligible for data rollover.

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  1. Arun says

    Who cares? Let them provide those services with affordable prices These all tactics done by Airtel due to Jio effect only. Once Jio increases price then Airtel will show its true color.

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