OnePlus Smartphones Rule Premium Category; Capture Whopping 57% Market Share

OnePlus smartphones offer seemingly unbeatable value for money



OnePlus Rules Online Premium Smartphones Segment

Since they launched the OnePlus One back in 2014, OnePlus has proved to be quite the market disruptor, offering flagship specifications at mid-range prices. The hype created by low prices and the invitation system, propelled OnePlus to a new high of popularity. The official build of Cyanogenmod was the proverbial cream on top.

Since then, all their phones have proved successful in the Indian smartphone market, maybe with the odd exception of OnePlus X. Till OnePlus 2, their phones were extremely aggressively priced at around Rs. 20,000/- or so. But, with OnePlus 3, OnePlus stepped into premium mid-range price territory with their offerings.

From then till now, OnePlus has ditched Cyanogenmod for their own flavour of Android, stepped up the build quality and have increased the prices further. Has it all affected the popularity and value-for-money proposition of OnePlus phones?

Apparently not! If you go by IDC’s Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Q2 2017. According to this report OnePlus has become the top premium smartphone brand in the Indian online space with a 57% market share.

IDC: OnePlus Is The Top Smartphone Brand Online

IDC has set the premium smartphone segment starting at Rs.26,000/- and above. In this space, every second smartphone sold in Q2 of 2017, was a OnePlus smartphone. Specifically, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5. Apple is a distant second with 38% market share!

Mobile Phone Market Share.png
Source: IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker – Final Historical – 2017, Q2

OnePlus Smartphones: “Digital First” Strategy Worked Wonders!

Ever since it has started selling smartphones, OnePlus has followed the “Digital First” strategy. This has not only helped them keep the costs and prices down, but it also enabled them to control their distribution channels. It also helped them to create an aura of exclusivity around their offerings.

It is no wonder that OnePlus phones are some of the most sought after phones in the market! They offer unbeatable value and a premium tag, which, perhaps, is well nigh impossible for other brands to duplicate.

OnePlus phones are the new standard in value-for-money premium smartphones. If you are looking for snob value, you know which way to go.

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