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Entrepreneurship is a journey, rather than a destination.


Entrepreneur Success Lessons

One fine day you open your eyes to a life-changing idea which, you believe will change your life. So you sit down and pour your ideas on paper and watch them take shape right in front of your eyes.

The entire journey of watching your idea take shape in the real world out there, piece by piece, eventually becomes the most promising journey you could embark on.

Does a splendid start entail an entrepreneurial tag?

The simple answer is, “No!”. One swallow does not make a summer. Merely putting down your ideas on paper and shaping them does not make you an entrepreneur. It is simply the first step on the long and arduous journey to entrepreneurial success.

There are quite a few things to consider and do before you earn the coveted entrepreneur tag. How do you get people to take you seriously?

Most of us casually dismiss the idea of entrepreneurship for a serious and safe career choice. There are milestones to achieve and difficulties to surmount.

Here’s the point of contention. Before you stand on the peak and taste success, you must ask yourself these 10 questions.


Did your commitment level instigate you to put in your resignation?

The dilemma of chasing your dreams over your paycheck is a serious one. Insomnia comes with the territory and coffee becomes your best friend which carries you through the  long nights. Did your eureka moment happen while you were still struggling at a white-collar job?

The major coup would be when you are capable of bidding a warm farewell to your day job. The moment your dreams can fund your good living, and you no longer need to double shift, it is certain that you are fully pumped with commitment and fidelity towards your dreams.

Your start-up will not make millions overnight. But, if you can sustain your family in the initial years and your family supports you for doing what you love, it will be the start of a new beginning.

Have you bumped into strangers, who already know your work?

It is a gratifying feeling when you are meeting somebody for the first time, and you realize that they about your product or company. That in itself is a small, yet important cause of celebration.

It’s a matter of pride. Accept it gracefully and move on.

P.S.: Don’t leave the conversation hanging. Get back and trace the source. Focusing on such routes will fetch you more traction.

Have you managed to create your own band of loyal followers?

When you have people from different walks of life posting, sharing, re-tweeting and liking the content you provide or when people reply to queries on your behalf, you have just raised the bar from being a mere business to creating a worldwide clan of loyal customers.

The intention should be to bring together like-minded people from around. You have done your bit by giving a rallying point to your tribe. Now let them grow along with your business.

Do your near and dear ones take you seriously?

This is probably the best measure of your success. Your near and dear ones are your best critics. Their feedback and comments will give you an honest idea of your progress.

However, if the same people show extra interest in your endeavours and engage in discussions out of curiosity; you will realize that your vision has intrigued others, outside the boundaries of their imagination.

Have you achieved your ‘First Million Milestone’ yet?

Though not the measure of a good or a successful entrepreneur, your first million is pretty special! It is not only a feeling of accomplishment, but also the first yardstick of your success.

It’s a rush of too many emotions at once. When you make your first million, you know your dream is worth the risks.

Are people talking about your brand?

When you see your product or business being mentioned or discussed in media, traditional or modern, you will realize that you are now in the public domain. All decisions and steps taken after this will be subject to scrutiny and speculation.

It’s a stage where you have done your bit and your brand is gaining the limelight on public radar.

Have you received your first takeover bid?

You might never be satisfied with where your business is at any given stage. Be it from the point of revenue or customers. You just want more and more to take your dream project higher and higher.

In such a scenario, when someone else approaches you to acquire your business, it changes your entire perspective. When a high value gets attached to something you have created from scratch, it gives a new dimension to all your efforts and toil till that point.

Have you ever denied a lead in the quest for quality?

Getting to a stage, where you are in a position to pick and choose, everything feels great. You automatically realize it when you reach that point.

To be able to say ‘No’ to a client or lead, to preserve the integrity and quality of your work, takes a different kind of courage. The kind that is accumulated over the course of successfully delivering high-quality products and services.

This freedom of outright denial has to be earned and cannot be attained overnight.

Do customers come knocking at your door?

It is a sheer luxury when the process of reaching out gets reversed. When your customers approach you, without you having to invest much in generating leads or outreach, it is a sure sign of success and acceptance of your offering. Customers are the ultimate measure of success and the key to your survival.

When your business reaches the level where customers just walk in on their own, you will realize that the magic of your dreams is now bestowed in your brand.

Do you look back and reminisce your journey up to the present point?

When you reach the point where you can see or feel a significant difference in the services you offer, you will know you have come a long way up the right path.

This is the time to sit back and reminisce. Taking stock of your ups and downs will prove to be the best source of inspiration for your future endeavours. After all, the hunger for success doesn’t just diminish. It is fuelled by success.

So, if you are able to relate to all these 10 questions, you have surely earned the title and the right to call yourself an ‘Entrepreneur’.

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