1. Arun says

    Expected move. People started ignoring SBI then they realized power of customers. Once ignored, Customer like me not going back to that bank any more. Customer like me never forget those irritated moments. The Staff of PSU banks performance(not all) we are aware. Complete worthless to get back to this bank and wasting time again. Who will give surety? In future these people may rise transaction charges again for there wonderful(worst) service.

    1. Mud says

      Heh I hear you, my friend. On the plus side, they’ve introduced a robot-assistant (came out in the paper today, I think I’ve seen it here on trak.in long time back, too) called SIA, which can do several things – hopefully this means that many of their human employees will be given the boot. HOPEfully. Let’s see what actually happens… :(

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