Flipkart One-upped Amazon This Festive Season; The Figures Are Mind-Boggling!

Festive Sales from India’s two of the biggest e-commerce portals are over



Flipkart One-upped Amazon

Except Shopclues, festive season sale is more or less over for Flipkart and Amazon, India’s two of the biggest e-commerce portals.

Which portal was able to sell the highest? Which one was able to attract most number of users? These are some of the most common questions which are generally asked after such massive sale campaigns.

This year, Flipkart has already declared their massive victory over Amazon in terms of sales volume; and some reports have emerged which actually supports Flipkart’s claims.

On the other hand, Amazon has declared this festive season as their best ever, but haven’t exactly challenged Flipkart’s claims.

What is the truth of the ecommerce’ biggest discount show?

Flipkart: We Have Beaten Amazon

As soon as the festive season ended, Flipkart declared their emphatic victory over Amazon, and the margin of this claim is what makes it super interesting.

As per Flipkart, during the 5-day Big Billion Day, Flipkart garnered 70% share of the overall spending.

In fact, if we believe Flipkart’s claims, then they were able to sell 13 lakh units of smartphones in the first 20 hours of the sale.

Overall, smartphones and TVs have been declared as the most selling products on Flipkart.

Earlier, Flipkart had predicted that they will sell double of what they sold last year in the same festive sale; and if this is what happened, then that means gross sale of approximately Rs 6000 crore by Flipkart.

Amazon’s Reaction: Best Sale Ever!

Meanwhile Amazon India has reacted subtly to Flipkart’s claims, as they have neither confirmed it nor denied it.

But, they have claimed that this festive sale has been their best ever.

Manish Tiwary, vice-president, category management at Amazon India said, “This Diwali for us at Amazon.in was the biggest shopping event ever — the largest in terms of units, sale value, sellers, number of customers, number of pin codes we served, etc.,”

Amazon claimed that Prime members took the lead as they shopped furiously during the sales period.

As per Amazon, sale of mobile phones increased by 150%, while large appliances such as TV and washing machines witnessed an increase of 3.7 times, compared to last year.

He added: “Prime membership continues to be our highest selling product — this is a trend that continues from last Diwali,”

But Reports & Numbers Support Flipkart’s Claims

Meanwhile fresh numbers arriving from RedSeer Consulting suggest victory for Flipkart, albeit not in that range which they have claimed.

As per Redseer, Flipkart was able to grab 58% market share this festive season, compared to 26% grabbed by Amazon.

Now, Amazon’s share has actually decreased from 32% last year to 26%; meanwhile Flipkart’s share has increased from 50% to 58% this year.

Overall, GMV of approximately $1.5 billion was sold this festive season sale on Indian ecommerce portals, which is a growth rate of 40%. Last year, the growth rate was 46%, compared to 2015.

Even if the numbers are true, this is nothing compared to what China did during their festive day sales. Alibaba alone accounted for $17.8 billion of online sales, in one single day in 2016.

Which ecommerce portals did you choose this festive day season? Do let us know by commenting right here!

  1. Avni says

    I sell on both platforms… i got more sale on flipkart instead of amazon.. one main reason is flipkart provide cash on delivery (COD) service to all pincodes

  2. Vaibhav Dugar says

    i shopped from both, but in terms of total value of products, flipkart was much higher than amazon; however Amazon had more number of items bought. Secondly my purchase was driven by the costs which flipkart provided.
    For a better price, i can wait for a few extra days

  3. Hemant says

    bought Samsung galaxy s7 from Flipkart during this sale, though I mostly do shopping from Amazon (from books to coffee, a lot of things). I think the reason behind Flipkart doing better than Amazon is that Flipkart is famous for electronic items, which are probably highest priced things you buy online whereas Amazon is for extremely large variety of things.

  4. Kashyap says

    Both services and delivery are good by flipkart….Flipkart always has an edge over Amazon

  5. Dr. Samir More says

    Flipkart has messed up my orders far too many times and their customer service in rectifying their wrongs is lagging way behind Amazon. I have sworn myself off Flipkart as long as I can.

  6. Dileep M says

    You Flipkart sale more… Agreed but you cancel the order you take. Grand total you are zero. Rolling the money from customers and making interest.

    For example:


  7. Ravinder Kumar JBT says

    flipcart is unable to reach remote area Customers but Amazon is able to do so.
    I am one of them . To hell with it flipart. I am a prime Customer now.

  8. Darshan Doshi says

    Amazon. Their delivery is super fast. Flipkart have yet to deliver successfully one phone I have ordered during the sale, whereas about 6 to 7 different things I ordered on Amazon have all been delivered almost the very next day of ordering. Flipkart sucks.


    I have ordered from both Amazon (prime membership) and Flipkart during this festive Bonanza times but I am surprised at the swiftness by Amazon to deliver the goods in time where as Flipkart has delivered only one in a week and others are yet to come. If these kind of poor service continues, then Flipkart can only dream about reaching to the highest standards set by Amazon.

  10. AJAS P.K says

    Price difference was evident during the sale.. Most items were priced less in Flipkart and also the sbi card instant discount prompted customers their way


    I used flipkart for buy a laptop and a tv.

  12. Supriyo Roy says

    Simple theory I and all my friends shopped from flipkart because it is available in our place (small town Karimganj in Assam) but amazon dont deliver above 7000Rs. products here. Infact when I contacted them over the issue before the festive sale they responded very egoistically. So go to hell you amazon. For us now only Flipkart, reliable and honest.

  13. Shayantan says

    I got defective piece, hp envy 13 laptop from flipkart… Sorry amazon for leaving u… I hate flipkart now…

  14. Souvik says

    I think Flipkart provided better discounts over Amazon especially in the electronics and mobile devices segment.

  15. Sesame says

    Despite taking Flipkart First membership and hunting around for deals, I ended up buying just one item from Flipkart against almost a dozen from Amazon. Flipkart service has also gone to the dogs.. They seem to be using the same illiterate and ignorant call center people employed by Airtel

  16. Prasanth Kumar says

    Both Flipkart and Amazon, but the highest number of purchase and value wise, I did on Flipkart

  17. Maaz Kalim says

    Amazon® as always! But among all their positives, they’ve sometimes “sucked,” predominantly with DX. This time they sent my orders with Aramex®, a corporation with which share “colourful” history with. Starting back from my first online order [of physical item] way back 7 years ago.

  18. K D chaudhury says

    Does people buy from amazon ? Most worst service and most delayed delivery is given by amazon. Flipkart is thousand time better than amazon. Amazon takes 12 days to deliver a basic item like saree in a metro like Kolkata, where flipkart takes 2-3 days.

  19. Ramesh says

    While amazon sounds like a multinational e commerce and flikart an Indian e commerce Indians would prefer to be Indian buy Indian. More over from my practical experience I prefer flipkart, their return policy is just too satisfying. Within hours of return your money is back in your account. On the other hand amazon is very releactant to refund. Without a couple of abuses etc you will not get your money back.

  20. Rahul says

    Well, Flipkart is selling more than Amazon but I think if we talk about services Amazon provide great services compared to Flipkart.

    1. Ashwin George says

      Same thought… It’s difficult to believe amazon lossed 6% in the festival market share. The information provided is not verified properly

    2. BALACHANDDER S K says

      You are absolutely correct Rahul.
      Amazon is just simply amazing when compared with Flipkart or eBay etc… as for as the services given. Sometimes, products may be little more costlier than other sites but they beat everything by excellent packing and swift delivery, where as others send them with poor packing and delay in delivery time.

    3. Dileep M says

      Flipkart is fraud.

  21. Hruaia_Skipper says

    I chose Flipkart, I Ordered 7 products from Flipkart. I always finds better priced product in Amazon.in but there was no COD (P.O.D in amazon.in term) available even to Guwahati.
    On the contrary Flipkart.com provide every product with COD options therefore paying little bit extra to get the COD option was better in my opinion.

  22. Nayan Ashar says

    Thumbs Up to Flipkart .. Amazon is cheating its customers. I had booked iphone 8 on the very first day and now Amazon is going back on its commitment. I have recorded proof and also mails.
    Amazon ??
    Flipkart & Paytm ??

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