iOS 11: 15 Hidden Features We Bet You Won’t Know!

iOS 11 has definitely improved the user experience


iOS 11 Hidden Features

iOS 11 is now available, officially!

After several months of testing, the iOS version has finally arrived, and there’s a lot to look forward to. The new iOS is visually different, and definitely better.

Here Are The Hidden Features In The New iOS 11

1. Shortcuts In Control Center

The new Control Center has been specially re-designed and now fits in one page, so you don’t need to swipe. To have a shortcut, you need to Long press on network icons to access AirDrop and personal hotspot. Doing so on the brightness indicator gets you straight to Night Shift and more.

2. Add Customs Icons To Control Center

You can finally edit control center. You can add custom icons to the Control Center panel as you want, but Apple have limited the options with apps though. You can add the Low Power Mode icon and even launch Voice Memos directly from Control Center.

3. Emergency Mode

In case of an emergency, you need to press the sleep/wake button five times to activate Emergency Mode. Additionally, you can get access medical information and call 911 from the same screen.

4. Easy Wi-Fi Sharing

If you connected to a Wi-Fi network and another iOS device tries to join the same Wi-Fi network, iOS will prompt you to share the WiFi network so that you do not have to share your Wi-Fi password.

5. Record Your Screen

There is a custom shortcut you can add to your Control Center, which will allow you to record your screen. With a three second countdown, the device starts recording and saves the movie file in the photos app.

6. The GIFs

Now you can save GIFs in the photo library and share them later. The new iOS has an updated Photos app, which can now finally store and display GIFs.

7. Customize Air Pods Shortcuts

Now you will be able to configure two different shortcuts for your Air Pods. e.g. If you double tap on the left Air Pod, it will trigger Siri, and if double tap on the right Air Pod, it will skip to the next song on the playlist.

8. Apple Maps

iOS 11 has the new and updated Apple Maps. It now has maps of malls and airports. You can even search for the nearest restaurants or navigate through different floors.

9. Do Not Disturb While Driving

If you connect your device to your car’s Bluetooth, iOS will automatically turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode. When in this mode, iOS silences all the incoming notifications so that you keep all your focus on the road. Plus, the new iOS can auto detect whether you are diving or not, based on your location and accelerometers.

10. Screenshot Magician

In iOS 11, when you take a screenshot, you will get a thumbnail at the bottom left corner of your screen. If you tap on it, you get options to crop your screenshot, annotate it and open it in another app.

11. iOS Automatically Delete Apps You Don’t Regularly Use

iOS 11 will now automatically delete apps you don’t regularly use. The app icons won’t disappear from your home screen, but if you try to open the app, the iOS will ask you to download the app again from the App Store.

12. Scan QR Codes

The new camera app in iOS 11 can scan QR codes, as the new iOS is now smart enough to detect and read QR codes.

13. Lighter Photos

The new iOS 11 now uses HEIF and HEVC for photos and videos to save them, which means the media files will be half the size, but be of same quality. When you will send an email with a photo or video, iOS 11 will automatically convert the files to standard JPG and MP4 for he non-iOS devices.

14. Double Keyboard

On the iPad, you can swipe your finger down on any key on the main keyboard, to type the number or symbol without leaving the main keyboard.

15. Scan Your Notes

With iOS 11, you can scan documents using the Notes app. The new iOS also indexes your handwriting, so you can search for the notes later.

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  1. Tejasvi Singh says

    It’s really very cool and amazing features of iOS 11. I haven’t tried these features because I don’t have iOS 11. LOL… BTW, Thanks for sharing this info.

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