Apple WWDC Highlights: iOS 11 Announced & 11 New Interesting Features You Need To Know!


Apple WWDC

The Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) kicked off yesterday and the event went on for around two hours. Apple fans across the globe were glued to their screens to know every minute details of what Apple was going to offer in coming days. The most awaited was, of course, the iOS11 launch.

We bring you 11 new interesting features that iOS 11 will have!

1. One Handed Keyboard

The new option of One Handed Keyboard has been added to the new iOS. Click on the globe button on your keyboard, and the keyboard will move on either of the two sides, the right or left side of the device.

iOS one hand keyboard

2. Type to Siri

The new Accessibility feature will now enable you to Type to Siri. With this, now you can access Siri with just a press of Home button, which will bring up a keyboard and you can type anything to Siri.

Type to Siri

3. Customizable Control Center

The new Control Center will get a single page now, and can further be revamped. The new Control Center is customizable. You can select what you want to display in the Control Center. You can change the settings and there are options of including Low Power Mode, Notes, Text Size, Wallet, Screen Recording and lot more.

iOS control center

4. Uninstalling of Unused Apps

There is a new option in the Settings app, which will automatically uninstall the apps which haven’t been used for a while. Though the documents and data for these uninstalled apps will remain in the memory in case the app is again re-installed.

5. Bolder Text

Now you can make labels bolder throughout your device. From apps to Phone, Contacts and FaceTime. Several apps received the design change update, which ranges from subtle to more significant.

ios Text Change

6. Organised Storage Management

The existing Storage and iCloud Usage option will now be is now just iPhone Storage. This new option will feature at-a-glance view of the total space available on your device along with some of the added recommendations of how you can improve the storage space of your device, like auto deleting old conversations or clearing large Messages attachments and storing Messages in iCloud.

7. Accounts and Passwords

There will be a new dedicated section of Accounts & Passwords in the Settings option which will provide direct access to all your iCloud and Mail accounts. The app and website passwords will stay stored in form of Keychain, which will only be accessible only after you authenticate it with your Touch ID.

accounts passwords

8. Emergency SOS

A new option of Emergency SOS option has been added into the Settings app which will now allow the users to turn on the Auto Call option. This will directly dial 911 or any other emergency number when the Sleep/Wake button is pressed five times.

Emergency SOS

9. Auto Pausing Uploads

The automatic photo syncing or the other updates will now automatically pause in the new iOS 11, in case your battery life is low.

10. Screen Recording

A new option has been added to the Control Center with which now you can automatically capture the screen and record of what you are doing on your iPhone or iPad.

11. Smart Invert (The Dark Mode Every iPhone User Forever Wanted)

Under the Accessibility option of the Settings app, you need to go to – Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colours. You will find a new option termed Smart Invert. The Smart Invert reverses the colors of your display (though not for the images, media, and some of the apps). This is very similar to the Dark Mode the users were hoping for, but it will not support all the UI elements.

The final version of the iOS 11 will launch in September.

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