AI Platform Ignio From TCS Set To Be A Standalone Product; 7.5 Lakh Jobs To Be Lost To Automation

TCS aims to create a unique, separate brand for Ignio.


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Ignio, a neural Artificial Intelligence platform from TCS is now being developed and marketed as a stand-alone product, with a new brand identity. In their websites, and marketing collaterals, reference of TCS is being reduced to maximum effect.

We will soon discuss why this is happening.

But before that, a bad news for Indian IT industry: Around 7.5 lakh jobs, mainly low paying, would be terminated, due to automation in coming years. This is based on a report by by HfS Research, citing World Bank studies on this subject.

Ignio By TCS Is Being Branded As A Standalone Product

Since 2011, TCS, India’s one of the 4 biggest IT firms, has put their might into developing Ignio, which is their neural artificial intelligence platform for businesses.

Harrick Vin, vice-president and chief scientist at Tata Consultancy Services has famously described Ignio like this in 2015: “Have you seen the Matrix? Remember the scene where Neo and Trinity get into a helicopter and don’t know how to fly it. So Neo just downloads the instructions into his brain and they’re off ? This product is exactly like that..”

Now, after two years of its launch, TCS aims to create a unique, separate brand for Ignio, so that customers who are opting to use Ignio are not confused with TCS’s own branding, their service oriented tradition and culture.

Harrick Vin, who is now the global head of Digitate, said, “If you want to sell Ignio as a product, you have to create a product brand. TCS as a services brand is humongous. We have to make sure that the product can stand on its own. It is deeply embedded in TCS, but from sales and branding perspective, you have to create an identity,”

Digitate is the internal unit within TCS, which created Ignio. Now, Digitate is not even referenced as a TCS entity.

Explaining the rationale, Phil Fersht, CEO at HfS Research, said, “Clients are confused by all of these IT services platforms and the service providers are struggling to articulate their value and align them to real business needs and Ignio is no exception..”

And, the results are coming in as well. TCS’s worth and name is now slowly picking up, and as per some rankings, they are now listed as top 5 Enterprise AI Solutions provider.

This is indeed a great news for Indian IT sector, as finally a product oriented culture is developing, taking a huge leap from service oriented

Automation To Cost 7.5 Lakh Jobs

Meanwhile, in a report by HfS research, it has been revealed that close to 7.5 lakh low paying jobs would be terminated in the next 5 years.

This massive job loss would happen mainly due to automation and inclusion of AI platforms in the workforce.

In their report, HfS said, “The Armageddon days of talking about robots taking our jobs are over – these are now the reality days where we can see exactly what’s going on with automation and AI, and accurately estimate how it’s going to impact the services industry in the next few years,”

However, the report also claims that 3,00,000 low to medium level jobs would be created due to automation, in the next 5 years.

  1. Pallavi Kumari says

    Don’t you think technology is snatching away jobs from the human?

  2. Pallavi Kumari says

    Don’t you think technology is snatching away jobs from humans? If this continues the day is near when technology will lead us.

  3. Raju Hawildar says

    This is just random reporting. Correlating random facts.

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