Android O ‘Oreo’ Has Officially Launched! 7 Exciting Features Coming Soon To Android Phones

Google has officially released the next generation of Android OS


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Google has officially released the next generation of Android OS, technically called as Android 8.0, and have named it as Oreo.

First announced as Android O during Google’s annual IO conference, the term Oreo has been selected as a tribute to popular cookie, made by Nabisco division of Mondel?z International. Interestingly, Oreo has been the best selling cookie in US ever since it was introduced in 1912.

Google chose the timing of the launch very precisely: August 21st, the day when entire US was glued to watching solar eclipse. In fact, Google’s solar eclipse viewing outing and release of Oreo OS happened simultaneously, in New York’s 14th Street Park, the location where Oreo was first prepared in 1912.

Oreo has been described as ‘smarter, faster and more powerful than ever’, in the official Google blog, announcing the release.

Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management, Android & Google Play said, “.. It’s got stronger security protections and speed improvements that keep you safe and moving at light-speed. When you’re on your next adventure, Android Oreo is the superhero to have by your side (or in your pocket!).”

Here are 7 exciting features which will arrive on your Android smartphones, via Oreo:


1. Picture-in-Picture:

From now on, Android users of Oreo OS would be able to operate two actions concerning videos and camera, at the same time. Unlike now, when only YouTube video can be played at a time, or only a video call can be made using Duo, Oreo will enable two activities at the same time. All the user will need to do is press the home button, and the active video shrinks into a movable window. Users of the latest Samsung Galaxy have already experienced this feature.

2. Powerful Copy-Paste:

Oreo empowers the users to a better usability of copy and paste feature on Android smartphones. With Oreo, the user just needs to tap long enough on a number of a name to select it, which gets saved in the central database, to be used later.

3. Faster Speed:

Speed has been one of the most sought after advantage by users; and Oreo doesn’t disappoint. As per Google, Oreo is two times faster than Android Nougat, and that includes the boot time.

4. New App Notifications:

With Oreo, Google has introduced a new form of app notifications, which will appear as a dot on the icon of the app. When pressed, the dot will expand to showcase the recent activity. Along with Picture-in-Picture, this is another big update for Oreo.

5. Auto-Fill:

Inspired by Chrome, Oreo has auto-fill feature for forms and text boxes, which will enable the user to save time. Interestingly, this auto-fill feature will get support from third party apps as well

6. Better Battery:

Oreo has a better battery utilization feature, which will put restrictions on background activities, to enable optimized usage of battery. In case an unwanted background task is running, the user will get alerts as well.

7. App-Security Enhanced:

Google has implemented a feature called Google Play Protect, which will inform you that the apps installed on your smartphone are being scanned, and removed if necessary.

Coming Soon To A Handset Near You

As per reports coming in, Oreo is right now undergoing carrier testing in Pixel and Nexus 5X, 6P handsets, and Nexus Player may also get the updates.

The update for Oreo would be gradually rolled out in other handsets, by the end of 2017.

We will keep you updated as we receive more updates.

  1. Rakesh says

    Google, One Plus Devices, Nexus, Honor Devices and many other smartphones upgraded Oreo update. Still no proper information for Xiaomi devices.

  2. Suraj Padmasali says

    I assume that Google is paying the Oreo company. Because “Oreo” is a registered trademark after all.

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