Mobile Number Portability Will Get Easier, Thanks To TRAI’s New Proposal

TRAI wants to reduce MNP rejections


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Mobile number portability or MNP is one of the most important pillars for creating a transparent and flexible telecom eco-system in India. Consumers should be able to switch to the carrier they prefer, rather than get stuck with their existing ones, without having to change their numbers.

However, there are few existing rules and regulations, which makes the whole process quite tedious, and time-taking. And precisely this the reason that Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed new guidelines for the same.

TRAI is clear on this issue: they want the whole MNP process to be easy, swift and seamless; and it seems that they are taking the right steps for ensuring that.

TRAI Wants To Reduce Mobile Number Portability Rejections

As per TRAI, around 40% of MNP requests are rejected, due to a technical issue related to Unique Porting Code (UPC). During the MNP process, if the UPC mismatches at the Point of Sales counter, then MNP is rejected.

Under the new proposal, TRAI has proposed that the whole process of UPC matching be made automatic, instead of manual, thereby rectifying 40% of all MNP cases.

This is what happens currently: Suppose a user of Idea wants to port out to Jio. Idea, the donor operator, will generate a 8-digit code called Unique Porting Code (UPC), which is provided to Jio, who is the receiving operator.

As the process of entering UPC is manual, the codes often mismatch, thereby rejecting the MNP process.

Proposed Changes Will Reduce MNP Rejections

Under the new proposal, the donor operator will now send the UPC to a MNP Clearing House. At the time of porting, the receiving operator will have to send a request to the MNP Clearing House for verifying UPC.

Hence, expiry date and UPC code will be now automatically verified, instead of manually entering, thereby eliminating rejections.

Besides UPC code, several other relevant information would be also sent to the MNP Clearinghouse automatically, thereby automating the whole process.

TRAI said, “The draft amendment also propose to make provision to transmit the relevant information viz. date of the bill, amount outstanding, last date of payment, date of the notice and period of notice given to the subscriber by Donor Operator through the MNP Clearing House.”

TRAI also wants to remove the mandatory lock-in period of 90 days for MNP, in case a telco shuts down their services.

Users and general public are requested to send in their feedbacks at [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] on/before August 31, 2017, related to the MNP reformation proposal by TRAI.

You can find the Draft Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 here.

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