Aadhaar Expansion Continues – Aadhaar Now Must For All Property Deals, Driving License!

Putting a stop to Benami Property Deals and Bogus Driving Licenses


Aadhaar Card Bill Back

Even as the issue of privacy of citizens is being debated in the Supreme Court right now, Govt. of India is continuing with their effort to expand the usage and relevance of Aadhaar in more sectors.

Two major developments have evolved in this regard: Aadhaar number would be mandatory for registration of any property which is being sold in India; and Aadhaar would be mandatorily required for issuing driving license.

Aadhaar Must For Property Deals – Benami No More?

When it comes to real estate, then black money is a major issue. Property prices gets elevated, simply on the basis of rumors, and most of the transactions happen via cash.

In order to put a check on such benami deals, Govt. has now made it mandatory to include Aadhaar during the registration of the documents, related to the property deal.

Hence, for critical documents such as agreement for sale, power of attorney, will and more, participating parties will be required to product and mention their Aadhaar number by law.

In fact, Govt. will soon amend Sections 32 and 32A of the Registration Act, 1908, so that there are no legal loopholes.

An unnamed source who is close to the development said, “Every person presenting a document at the property registration office for registration, shall, whether executing or claiming under the same, undergo Aadhaar authentication..”

Right now, till the it becomes a law, Department of Land Resources, which falls under under the Ministry of Rural Development, has already written to all State Governments and UTs to mandate ‘consent based Aadhaar authentication’ for all property deals.

Once every PAN Card is linked with Aadhaar, then such moves will deter black money hoarders from skipping tax, and real estate market can become more transparent, and honest.

Aadhaar Must For Driving License As Well

In a related news, Government is now about to create a central database of all vehicles and their owners, using Aadhaar as the binding factor.

As per Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, this move will help to stop all ‘bogus licences’, which are issued.

He said, “It will bring transparency and will save people from having licences in different states..”

Earlier this week, Union Minister for Information & Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad had also hinted that every driving license will be now required to be linked with Aadhaar database.

We will keep you updated as we receive more updates regarding this news.

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