Indian Rail’s Food Unhygienic, Infested With Rats; Not Fit For Human Consumption (CAG Report)

Is this a new low for Indian Railways?

Indian Railways' food is not fit for humans!
Indian Railways’ food is not fit for humans!

Warning: If you are a regular train traveller, and consume food provided by Indian Railways, then the following description of the CAG report can be unsettling.

Comptroller and Auditor General has prepared a report, on the food served by Indian Railways inside trains and railway stations.

As per the report, food prepared and served by Indian Railways is unfit for human consumption. The report has rapped Indian Railways for following no rules, protocols or ethics while delivering food to passengers.

Some of the worst fears of passengers have come alive in this report, as you will soon find out.

Railways’ Food Infested With Rats!

Everything which should be avoided and prevented by not only Indian Railways but any entity selling food, has been observed by the CAG report on their investigation.

As per the report, Indian Railways is providing food which is contaminated, past their expiry date, unauthorised packaged water pouches/bottles and more.

The report was created after checking the food quality across 74 railway stations and 80 trains, and food provided both inside the pantry cars, and on the railway platform were observed.

The report, which would be tabled in the Parliament observes that the food is infested with rats, insects, and more.

The report says: “Unpurified water straight from tap was used in preparation of beverages, waste bins were not found covered, not emptied regularly and not washed, food stuff was not covered to protect them from flies, insects and dust, rats and cockroaches were found in trains etc,”, adding, “Articles unsuitable for human consumption, contaminated foodstuff, recycled foodstuff, shelf life expired packaged and bottled items, unauthorised brands of water bottles, etc., were offered for sale on stations,”

Why This Condition Of Catering Services By Indian Rail?

As per the observations made in the report, such extreme conditions have arisen due to frequent changes in the catering policies of Indian Railways, due to which there is no accountability among the management.

The report blames Indian Railways for not maintaining and enforcing the rules related to food and catering. There is no infrastructure related to base kitchens, static catering units, and automatic vending machines etc, which is leading to massive chaos, all around.

The report said, “Blueprint for the provision of catering services was not prepared in seven Zonal Railways. The policy of progressive switch over from gas burners to electric power equipment in pantry cars to avoid the occurrence of fire accidents in trains was not followed while manufacturing the pantry cars in Integral Coach Factory, Perambur,”

Interestingly, DRDO was supposed to provide Indian Railways with high-quality food, and Pantry Cars were supposed to be phased out, and IRCTC’s online food ordering protocol was supposed to kick in.

But it seems, that far from promises of Domino’s Pizza, KFC on your train seat, the realities are much different.

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