Hydrogen One Announced – World’s First Smartphone With Holographic Display


Hydrogen Holographic Camera

The high-end pro camera maker Red has finally made something, where other big name smartphone makers have failed over the years – The Holographic Phone. The phone comes with a holographic display, that will show you 3D images for real.

The 3D will be an addition to the usual 2D graphics, like typical phone displays, but with Hydrogen One, users don’t need any glasses to see the Holographic Images on the phone.


A Future Made Possible?

Well, Red has smartly used AR (Augmented Reality) tech, mixing it up with the immensely popular VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) for a display that can create interactive content on a device. With Hydrogen One, one can see the videos and games in the holographic medium. Red calls it a Holographic Media Machine.


The idea of a “holographic” media device goes back a long time. There have been several companies who have experimented with the 3D content on the display. Both LG and HTC tried their bit on holographic media back in 2011, then followed by Amazon’s spectacular failure of the gutsy 3D Fire Phone (which had the ridiculous four tracking cameras) in 2014. All of them failed badly with the holographic experiment.

Is This Even Possible for Real?

RED has developed a proprietary “AR mixed VR algorithm” with “H3O algorithm” which would get embedded in the OS that would convert the stereo video and sound into an expansive multi-dimensional output. But in the past one decade, RED has created some of the impossible pro cameras, which brought in a visual revolution in the film industry.

Hydrogen One (Overview)

Hydrogen One will pack in a 5.7-inch specially crafted holographic display which is capable of showing normal 2D media with the 3D optimisation. The stereo 3D content will include the RED’s special 4-view content and will get an extreme display flexibility conversion which would turn the media into holographic content. RED terms it to be a nanotechnology that will fully support the augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). But the best part out here is, you don’t any special glasses or anything to see the content.

Like Moto Z Series, Hydrogen One will get Modular Attachments and a separate display that can switch between the 2D and 3D. The company says, that the Hydrogen System will incorporate a latest high-speed data bus for the modular component system, which would include some of the future unannounced attachments. The device will come with a USB Type-C port, extra microSD slot to expand the storage, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Price?

The company expects the device to ship in early 2018, and you can even pre-order the device on RED’s website now. It has two variants, where the Aluminum Version will cost $1,195 (around Rs. 77,000) and the Titanium Version will cost $1,595 (around Rs. 100,000).

If RED can deliver in real what it promises, the Hydrogen One would actually be worth the price.


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