Google Launching New ‘Triangle App’ To Control Android Apps’ Data Usage



As the 4G internet industry in India gets revolutionised, thanks to Reliance Jio, countries elsewhere are either past this stage or still struggling in getting 4G to everyone. 4G is relatively affordable, but still can be difficult to be propagated to everyone.

According to a report by Android Police, Google is testing an app called ‘Triangle’ which will allow a user to compartmentalise the amount data that can be used an application. The app is currently in an experimental phase in the Philippines only.

This app is extremely helpful to those who get only a handful of GBs to spend every month. Especially for those on prepaid, Google is testing an app in the Philippines to give users the freedom to allow data quota to specific apps.

Some of the Google Triangle features are only available to Globe and Smart prepaid users, but the basic features work. You can block some apps from using data and even earn some brownie data quota by installing some other apps.

How does this work?

Google Triangle has a ‘data saver’ option that uses a VPN to block apps from using data. It tells you what app has been using how much data so that you can control the data can be used by the app.

This feature is not very new to Android smartphones because one can go to data usage and see what app has been using data. However, Triangle just allows you to stop the app from using any more data and makes it easy for you to track it all together.

Globe and Smart prepaid users will also be able to check prepaid data balance, try new apps without the risk of running out of data and get extra data by downloading and using certain applications. You can set a limit of data usage per app – 10 mins, 60 mins or always.

So some companies will be pushing their apps to the users so that one download can add let’s say 10MB of data to your prepaid balance. This way companies are able to market their applications to Android users and users are able to explore new apps and earn data at the same time.

Google Data rewards

There are many apps in the Google Play Store that work on the data reward concept, but coming from Google this should be legit enough. This can be extremely helpful at the time of severe data crunch. This app is being tested only in the Philippines right now, but the company could spread to other developing countries like India and Indonesia where internet penetration is not very high.

While an apk link is available online, it will be best to wait for the company to officially launch the app in India. It will be extremely useful for prepaid owners, and might also bring the costs of 3G and 4G in India down.

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