Indian Railways’ Pride, Rajdhani & Shatabdi Express, Will Get Facelift Under Project Swarn!


Rajdhani Express

The first Rajdhani Express left New Delhi in 1969 and reached Howrah station in 17 hours and 20 minutes. Compared to other contemporary trains, this train took 40% less time and immediately acquired a celebrity status, all over the country.

Likewise, Shatabdi Express was introduced in 1988 and acquired a cult status due to their efficiency and speed. While Rajdhani Express was launched to link all state capitals of India, and the first train ran at 140 km/hr speed; Shatabdi Express was meant to connect important cities of India, and was designed to run at 130 km/hr speed.

However, with time, these two icons of Indian Railways was ignored, and as a result, the fans of these trains felt dejected.

Recently, when Tejas Express was launched, the fares were set 20% more than these trains, which angered a section of passengers.

Thankfully, Indian Railways have taken note of this, and have taken steps to improve the condition.

As per reports coming in, a budget of Rs 50 lakh per train (each Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express)has been allocated, under Project Swarn, whose aim would be to improve and optimise these trains.

A senior Railways Official said, “The Railways have decided to launch Operation Swarn (or ‘gold’) to refurbish its services after several complaints by passengers like delay in train arrival, sanitation and quality of food.”

Mission To Improve Shatabdi And Rajdhani

In the first phase of Project Swarn (which means Gold), Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express and Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express has been chosen for renovation and improvement.

Under this Project, 10 key areas of customer satisfaction would be chosen: punctuality, cleanliness, linen, coach interiors, toilets, catering, staff behaviour, security, entertainment, housekeeping and regular feedback.

To monitor the spending of Rs 50 lakh, two separate committees have been formed, which will make daily reports on the improvements.

Shatabdi/Rajdhani Will Beat Tejas, Humsafar Express?

Fans of Shatabdi and Rajdhani have decided that no longer these trains would be judged as inferior to Tejas Express or Humsafar Express, which have been launched recently with some additional features and services.

For instance, Tejas Express has LCD Screens, coffee vending machines, automatic doors, fire repression system, bio-vacuum toilets, attendant call buttons, reading LED lights, and others features.

Mahamana Express has ergonomically designed ladders for climbing to upper berth and more.

Now, these same upgraded services would be introduced in Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express as well, providing them with much-needed makeover and push.

Do you think that Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express would be able to regain their #1 position? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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  1. CharlesWilliamMorganJr says

    I quote from this news report: “All Rajdhani Express trains offer three classes of accommodation: AC First Class with 2-berth and 4-berth lockable bedrooms,….” Could someone tell me how it is possible to book a “2-berth lockable bedroom in AC First Class” on any train in India? We have found that these accommodations are always reserved for Indian Rail employees, and they get the entire compartment FREE for one single employee! There is a great need and demand for the public to also have access to these accommodations! More H cars with these accommodations need to be added to each train to meet public demand! Could we get a response as to when this will happen?

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