Govt Wants to Know How Much You Spend Online; Ecommerce Makes Its Debut In National Survey


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Online retailers should actually rejoice now.

For the first time ever, e-commerce spending would be part of the National Survey, conducted by National Sample Survey Organisation, which comes under Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

And, this decision has been taken because Government now understands, and appreciates e-commerce industry; and they are curious to know how it impacts the overall economy of India.

Although at $14.5 billion, eCommerce spending contributes to just one-fifth of the overall retail market in India ($750 billion), this initiative by Govt. of India to survey online spending habits makes a strong statement towards the future of ecommerce in India.

National Survey of E-Commerce Spending: The Right Step?

Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation was established in 1999, to conduct surveys with scientific methods and proven sampling techniques.

Among various surveys done by this Ministry across India, the keenly followed survey is the National Survey conducted by National Sample Survey Organisation. In this, more than 1.2 lakh households are surveyed across 5000 urban blocks and 7000 villages across India.

The results of this survey provides the Govt. with a household level view of spending habits and inclinations, when it comes to expenditures.

Now, the officers conducting these surveys will also ask questions about online spending habits of the citizens, which is a big step towards a true Digital India.

Govt. is attempting to understand and analyse, how ecommerce is spreading in the country, and how price fluctuations in the online world affects our national economy.

One of the most crucial data which Govt. wants to understand is that, whether online price changes affect the inflation as well?

Is Govt. Attempting to Spy on Indian Citizens?

Some analysts are also saying that Govt. now wants to spy on the online spending habits of Indian citizens?

Those who are opposing this theory need to understand that the survey is conducted on a cross-section of the society, not on the entire population. Hence, it is not exactly spying.

Besides, the sample data collected via national survey is open to all for accessing, and using.

Under Digital India mission, Govt. has already announced that findings from National Survey shall be available to everyone. As of now, RTI is required to access the information.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information regarding national survey of ecommerce spending in India.

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  1. Santokh Saggu says

    This is spying , through this the government will use it in income tax slab,GST in future,whom to give gas subsidy and how to increase gas prices.If it finds that spend things then it will silently increase the gas price .And when people will shout then then government will say if people can spend on money on things then why cannot they afford to buy costly gas.

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