Facebook’s Evil Patents Discovered – Your Emotions May Soon Be Secretly Recorded By Your Own Camera



How many times you have bust out laughing while watching a cat video which appeared on your Facebook timeline? Or become suddenly sad when your friends posted another news of another terrorist attack, killing innocent people? Or become angry while scanning your timeline, and reading news related to another round of job cuts?

If you are thinking that your valuable emotions are getting wasted, then think again.

Mark Zuckerberg-led Facebook has decided to record and exploit your precious emotions which are generated while accessing content on Facebook.

And for this, your emotions would be secretly recorded by using your own phone’s camera. And the creepiest part of this exercise is that you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Facebook’s Evil Emotion Tech Patents

Research firm CB Insights have discovered patents filed by Facebook, which aims to use the emotions generated by their users, and then imply that findings for sharing the right content.

The evil part is that Facebook aims to discreetly record your emotions, using secret features of your phone camera.

CB Insights have not only described this as a disaster, but also a ‘PR and ethical minefield’.

There are basically three patents filed by Facebook, which uses the passive imaging data generated by the phone’s camera, and then use Big Data to mine relevant content, based on the emotional data.

Passive imaging data is the background recording done by the phone camera when it is not switched on. Hence, Facebook aims to use discreet, secret video recordings of their users.


Facebook’s Patent Details

The first patent is called ‘Augmenting text messages with emotion information’, wherein emotional information would be added to text messages, which will predict the user’s’ emotional state, at the time of accessing a content.

Factors such as speed of typing, mode of timing, way the handset are being held etc would be used for collecting this data.

The second patent is the most dangerous one: ‘Techniques for emotion detection and content delivery’, which will use the passive imaging data from phone or laptop’s camera, and use that to understand the person’s emotional state.


As shared earlier, this passive imaging data is the recording which is stored without the user’s consent. Facebook aims to use this data, and this is plain evil.

Based on the video scan, Facebook will decipher the emotions of the person, and accordingly, share relevant content. Hence, if the person is happy, then the feel-good content would be shown in his timeline, and so on.

The third patent is ‘Systems and methods for dynamically generating emojis based on image analysis of facial features’, which will display relevant emojis, based on the facial expression from any selfie or camera pic.

Early this month, we had reported how a bug in Google Chrome allows secret recording of the user, and now this secret recording patent by Facebook proves a very valid point: Is privacy a myth now?

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via: Tenplay.com.au

  1. Fifty says

    Simple. Stick a black tape on the front camera.

  2. Santokh Saggu says

    And then they will give a sugar-coated innocent lecture mixed with NLP and psychology on public stage that we are doing meaniningfull and purposeful thing for the humanity . And some Indian Dolts Intoxicated with technology will support it.

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