Jio Summer Surprise Offer: All Your Questions Answered!


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Jio Happy New Year Offer ended on 31st March and with that came the announcement of another offer from Jio as ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’! The ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’ offers free data and other benefits till the end of June 2017, followed by the pack benefits that you recharged for in the next month, i.e. July.

This announcement of Jio Summer Surprise Offer offering free benefits to those who recharged for Rs. 303 under Jio Prime came as a shock to those who recharged for the entry-level Rs. 149 pack. I was one of those who chose to go with Rs. 149 Jio Prime plan (2 GB plus 1 GB for 28 days), as I wanted to test the network quality first.

When I contacted Jio Customer Care, I got to know that I too can get the benefits of ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’ if I did any recharge above Rs. 303 on or before 15th April 2017.

We have been getting many questions related to ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’ and have decided to publish this article covering each and every aspect of Jio Summer Surprise Offer.

Here are the benefits that Jio Prime members will get under the ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’:


149 Plan

No additional benefits under ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’, but users can avail the benefits by recharging with any Jio Prime plan costing Rs. 303 and above. Checkout the below mentioned plans for more information.

303 Plan

All Jio Prime members will get extra benefits (1 GB/day) till 30th June, post which the 303 plan will kick in with a validity of 28 days.

Rs. 499 Plan

‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’ benefits as 2 GB/day (as FUP) till June end, post which the Rs. 499 tariff plan will get activated with regular plan benefits.

Rs. 999 Plan

Free 100 GB data with no daily FUP limit, valid till June end. Regular plan benefits (60 GB, 60 days) applicable from July.

Rs. 1,999 Plan

Jio Prime members opting for this plan will also get 100 GB high-speed data (without any FUP) valid till 30th June, post which Rs. 1,999 tariff plan (125 GB, 90 days) will get activated.

Rs. 4,999 Plan

Free 100 GB high-speed data valid till June end, and regular plan benefits (350 GB, 180 days) from July.

Rs. 9,999 Plan

The users of this plan will also get free 100 GB high-speed data without any FUP till June-end. From July, the users will be able to avail the benefits (750 GB, 360 days) under their opted plan.

Jio Surprise Offer Questions Answered [in Hindi]

Multiple Recharges After Enrolling For Jio Prime

Recharging With Rs. 303 After Rs. 149, Under Jio Prime

Those who earlier recharged with Rs. 149 Jio Prime plan, and then recharged with Rs. 303 for getting 1 GB/day till June-end will get the plan benefits in the following manner:

Post expiry of free data (1 GB/day) on 30th June, the users will get the plan benefits in the sequence of their recharge. Rs. 149 plan benefits would be effective from July followed by the activation of Rs. 303 plan from August.

For e.g.: Users recharging with Rs. 303 pack after Rs. 149 will get 1 GB/day till June end, 2 GB (and 1 GB extra for 28 days) in July, and Rs. 303 plan benefits in August.

Recharge of Rs. 303 And Above Followed By Another Recharge Of Rs. 303 And Above

Those who recharged in such a sequence will get the free benefits as mentioned above corresponding to the higher recharge till June-end. This will be followed by activation of the recharged plans in the sequence of their recharge.

For e.g.: Jio users recharging with Rs. 499 after Rs. 303 recharge, will get the free benefits under the higher plan first, i.e. Rs. 499 plan in this case. They will get 2 GB/day till 30th June, Rs. 303 plan benefits (1 GB/day, 28 days) in July, and Rs. 499 tariff plan benefits (2 GB/day, 28 days) in August.

Those who have opted for higher denomination plans (Rs. 999) along with some other plan (Rs. 499 and below) will get 100 GB (in total) till June-end, and then get the benefits of their opted plans in the sequence of their recharge.

Jio Summer Surprise Offer All Questions Answered

For PostPaid Users

If you are a Jio postpaid users and want to enjoy the benefits of Jio Summer Surprise Offer, then you first need to enroll under Jio Prime by paying Rs. 99. Post that you should subscribe to any postpaid plan of Rs. 303 and above.

You will get the same benefits as the above-mentioned prepaid plans and will get the first bill in July. In case you wish to discontinue before July, you will still need to pay the bill.

The Case With MNP

In case you are migrating to Jio and want to get the benefits of ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’ then your number should be ported into Jio network before 15th April along with plan payment of at least Rs. 303.

We do not know whether Reliance Jio would allow the users to upgrade/downgrade their upcoming tariff plans, or change the sequence of plan activations, but it would be better if they do. It would help many like me who opted for Rs. 149 only to test the network quality of Jio and would happily upgrade if the network quality meets their expectations.

We hope this clear all your doubts regarding the ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’. In case of any doubt, we would encourage you to post a comment and we will try to resolve your query at the earliest.

  1. deepak says

    Did Jio cancelled night 2-5 unlimited data permanently or only for summer? surprise offer?

  2. shashikant says

    Hi I am recharging 499 plan…how to check I am eligible in summer surprise offer

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