ASCI Asks Airtel To Withdraw ‘Fastest Operator’ Advt; Also Says Jio, Dettol Ads Are Misleading


Misleading Ad

Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has become hyper-active in identifying misleading ads, once again. In a strict directive, it has asked Airtel to either withdraw or modify their ‘fastest network’ advertisement, for which Jio had made a series of complaints.

Meanwhile, ASCI has also declared advertisements by Jio, Emami, Dettol and Complan as misleading and full of false facts.

ASCI To Airtel: Withdraw Fastest Network Ad

After Airtel started airing their advertisement, wherein they claimed to be delivering ‘fastest network’ among all telecom operators, Reliance Jio has strongly protested this claim and had filed a case with ASCI asking them to act against Airtel for this misleading advertisement.

An investigation by Fast Track Complaints Committee (FTCC) formed by ASCI has found Airtel to be guilty of showcasing wrong facts. In their findings, the Committee said: “:The FTCC referred to the TRAI web-site with respect to the coverage of Airtel vis a vis Reliance Jio and noticed that there is a significant gap between Geographical dispersion of Airtel and Jio 4G subscribers which could impact the comparison.”

Airtel has been given a deadline of April 11th to either withdraw this particular advertisement or modify it.

The judgement clearly says: “Based on this data, the FTCC concluded that the claim was not adequately substantiated and the basis of comparison has been so chosen as to bestow artificial advantage to the advertiser.”

Jio had earlier claimed that Ookla had accepted money in order to portray Airtel offering highest speed. This is a clear cut victory for Jio here.

Check out our video in this regards that we published earlier.

ASCI: Advertisements by Jio, Complan, Dettol, Emami Misleading

However, there is a defeat for Jio for their own advertisements.

ASCI has declared that several advertisements aired by Jio, Complan, Dettol, Emami group and others during the month of December were misleading.

In total, ASCI received complaints against 125 commercials, out of which, it has upheld 95 complaints.

Here are the major issues concerning these ads:

  • Jio: ASCI rapped Jio for their advertisement claiming, ‘Best 4G Network with lowest data rates globally,’. ASCI said that the claim was ‘misleading by ambiguity and implication.’ They also said, “Reliance is a member of ASCI and they have complied to the CCC recommendations”
  • Dettol: ASCI upheld the complaint against Dettol’s handwash ad: “Sabun se saccha hai, sabun se accha hai” (Honest than soap, better than soap), as it has no proof of this claim.
  • Philips Electric Shaver: In one of their ads, they portray razor blades as cactus, stating ‘Electric Shaver – Cut the hair not the skin’, . This implied that razors cut sins like cactus, a claim which cannot be verified.
  • Emami Group: In one of their advertisements, they showcased dark skinned guys as those, who are not able to attract girls. The advertisement promotes their fair skin cream, portraying dark skinned people as inferior. ASCI has scolded Emami Group for such advertisements because it violates clause 1 of the Guidelines of Advertising for Skin Lightening or Fairness Improvement Products.

It is not yet clear as to what specific action would be taken against these brands for misleading advertisements.

We will keep you updated as more details come in..

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