Google Ends Pesky Text-Based CAPCTHA; Brings ‘Easier on Humans’ AI-Based Invisible reCAPTCHA


Google Invisible Captcha

By the end of 2014, Google had done away with the need to enter Captcha and authenticate a human or a robot interaction. Now, after almost two years, Google has redesigned the reCAPTCHA to make it invisible to the users.

The new invisible No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA means you don’t even have to type in anything or tick mark any box to confirm you’re a human. Through the power of artificial intelligence, the internet bots will be able to confirm your identity.

“Since the launch of No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, millions of internet users have been able to attest they are human with just a single click. Now we’re taking it a step further and making it invisible. Human users will be let through without seeing the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, while suspicious ones and bots still have to solve the challenges,” says Google.

For website owners, the new addition offers advanced security through State of the art spam & abuse protection, low friction and effortless interaction for the users and ease of use for everyone.

How does Google make reCAPTCHA invisible?

The new invisible reCAPTCHA works silently in the background by looking at the user’s online behaviour and judges the authenticity. It takes into account even the smallest details like the amount of time taken by the user to fill a form, or enter an information.

In case the usage pattern of the user seems irregular, then the website can request more information until it confirms that it is a human. Google says the existing websites can subscribe to this service free of cost and ensure a smoother experience.

reCAPTCHA offers more than just spam protection. Every time the CAPTCHAs are solved, that human effort helps digitise text, annotate images and build machine learning datasets. This, in turn, helps preserve books, improve maps, and solve hard AI problems.

All website owners can sign up for the service here. Since this makes the process even simpler for users, there should be more connect with the websites and improve the user experience. Not to forget, you might still have to enter some details in case reCAPTCHA is not able to differentiate a human from a bot.

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