Lenovo Renames “Moto by Lenovo’ to Motorola; Moto Razr Still on The Cards


Lenovo Motorola

When Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility, the company killed the brand name ‘Motorola’ and renamed it to ‘Moto by Lenovo’ and Moto name stuck on. Now Lenovo has gone back to the original name and plans to rebrand the company.

‘Motorola’ will be the new name of Lenovo by Moto series, for all the smartphones that will be produced going forward will be under the brand name Motorola. During the Mobile World Congress 2017, the company told CNET that the reason for going back to the original name is because Lenovo didn’t have clarity to present the new brand.

Apparently, Lenovo now has clarity to do that and plans to stick with Motorola finally. In reality, the Moto by Lenovo name never got into the minds of the consumers and everyone preferred calling it Moto or Motorola. This is an unsaid reason for the change in the brand name.

Motorola’s smartphones in India will continue to sell the way they were before the name change. Moto G5 and G5 Plus will be launched on 15th March and will go on sale soon thereafter.

Company denies any plans to shelf Moto Razr rumours

This MWC 2017 saw the launch of Nokia 3310, the old-school feature phone in a new avatar. The possible comeback of this phone has to do with the fact that the fan following is huge and the phone can sell on popularity basis.

Motorola’s Razr clamshell phone used to be an icon at one point of time, before the smartphones came in. The company even hinted at a possible relaunch but it was just rumours and a little teasing.

However, at the mobile world congress, the company didn’t decline any possibilities of relaunching Moto Razr. Motorola recognizes the popularity of this phone and could possibly think about launching the phone in future, however with technological advancements keeping up place with the current trends.

Motorola might start sending surveys to customers to see what phones can be brought back, because Motorola’s premium smartphones did not sell as much as the company had thought. Moto X and Z series, highly critically acclaimed, didn’t click with the customers.

Would you want to see Moto Razr back? If yes then let us know what changes would you want to see, in the comments below.

Source: TechCrunch

  1. David john says

    Guess what Motorola… Nokia daddy is back … So do what u want but want go further.. Nokia baap of all Is here…

  2. Vikash Kumar Bhaskar says

    Nothing improvesmerely by restoring the earlier name. Lenovo has exploited and distroyed the motorola brand by selling defective mobiles through various sellers in amazon without any responsibility. Pathatic support and service by lenovo cannot restore the brand image by merely restoring the brand name.

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