Reliance Jio Denies CLSA’s Claim About Paid Voice Calls After 1000 Mins; Says Jio Calls Would Be Forever Free!


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Yesterday, social media was abuzz with the news that Jio’s free voice calls will have a limit of 1000 minutes, and beyond that, voice calls would be charged. This news was based on a report by CLSA Ltd., which is a brokerage and investment firm.

As per reports coming in, CSLA had conducted a ‘third party research’, also called ‘Channel Check’ on Jio’s forthcoming announcements and plans. As per CSLA, they derived on this outcome after seeking inputs from distribution channels of the company.

CLSA has also claimed that Jio’s Prime membership should be terminated and expired for those pre-paid customers, who fail to recharge for a minimum of Rs 149 per month. did some fact-checking, and we found that the CLSA report is baseless, and false.

Jio Calls Would Be Forever Free spoke to a Jio Official and according to her all voice calls on Jio’s platform would be free forever, and talks about free 1000 voice minutes FUP on plans are baseless.

As per the Jio official, Mukesh Ambani had made it very clear in the speech during the launch that voice calls would never be charged on their platform and no form of FUP will exist on Jio Voice calls. For data usage, Jio has already announced various plans under their Prime membership.

Mukesh Ambani’s Promise: Free Voice Calls For Life!

In the month of September last year, during Annual General Meeting, Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani had categorically stated: “Customers should pay for only one service, voice or data, not both. Worldwide operators charge only for data, and voice and messages are free. All voice calls for Jio customer will be absolutely free. The era of paying for voice calls is ending.”

Besides, this promise was reaffirmed this month while announcing Jio Prime plans: “Starting 1 April, on all voice plans there will be no charges for voice calls, roaming or even blackout days.”

Last year, there were rumours that only Jio to Jio calls would be free, and calls to other networks shall be charged. At that time as well, we had clarified that voice calls would be forever free, and this clarification came directly from Jio official after we spoke with him.

Note here, that calls made via Whatsapp or any other messenger will, of course, incur data charges. But voice calls made to any other telecom provider would be free.

Vodafone has approached Delhi High Court against Jio’s free calls offer, and the matter is right now sub-judice.

CLSA Ltd. hasn’t come out with any clarification regarding their rumored story.

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