Jio Calls Will Always Remain Free, That’s a Commitment: Jio


Reliance Jio Experience Center

In the last few days there have been talks in some quarters that Reliance Jio may end free calls after their ‘Welcome Offer’ is over on 31st December 2016. These rumours started after TRAI questioned Jio on how Reliance Jio is offering free calls to customers, especially when interconnect usage charges are capped at 14 paise per call.

During my visit to Reliance Experience Center in Navi Mumbai, we spoke to number of Reliance Jio representatives on this and one point came out unanimously – Jio calls will always remain free. That’s a commitment given by Jio, and they will stick to it, even if it means that they have to take the burden of interconnect usage charges.

However, Jio is also optimistic and hopeful that TRAI will end the archaic rule of interconnect charges given the new dynamics of Indian telecom space. According to Jio officials, each telecom operator should have the freedom to choose whether or not to apply the charges to for termination of call on other telecom’s network.

Jio, Not a Telecom Company, But a Digital Ecosystem

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What Jio has maintained consistently, and that I personally witnessed, was Jio in its totality is not a traditional telecom company, infact, far from it. They want to create a Digital ecosystem in India that will positive affect consumers in their daily lives!

Offering free phone calls and 4G data is just one aspect of Jio’s offering. Although, we are primarily witnessing these two right now, over next few weeks and months, Jio plans to launch various apps and devices that will bring clarity to consumers on their vision of building a Digital ecosystem in India.

Just to name a few, Jio plans to bring a solution that promises to turn your ordinary car into a Smart car – In next couple of months, Jio plans to launch OBD (On Board Diagnostic) based device and JioCarConnect mobile app that will help car owner to capture all information about the car, from battery to fuel to brake oil among many other things. The app will let user know all this information anytime anywhere. The device and app will enable user to have features like remote location tracker, remote lock-unlock, power windows, headlight on-off and so on. And yes, the OBD device will also work as a hotspot, that can connect 10 devices and allow access to internet

Interestingly, during our discussion with Jio representatives, they said that they may also open the API’s, so third-party developers can actually create apps on top of this.

Apart from this Jio also plans to launch Digital Smart Home solutions and various initiatives in Health, Education and entertainment space. We will bring you all the details over next few days, so stay tuned in!

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  1. Alex says

    TRAP: Calls may be free but Reliance never committed to keep the base plans to any lower limit. It may be raised anytime to a level that free calls can be compensated. Reliance has never been a trusted company. And its my bad experience with Reliance communication 4G upgrade, that says, Reliance always has conditions applied listed for explanation in future.

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