Hyperloop One Unveils India Vision; Wants to Connect All Major Cities With Hyperloop!


Hyperloop Transportation System

Hyperloop, the revolutionary transportation concept which promises road based transport even faster than air travel, is now slowly but gradually taking shape in India. Two major companies have showcased their future plans for implementing Hyperloop conceptualised transportation system in India, and the future looks bright.

But, there also exists some kind of confusion related with these two companies; and the public at large is a little confused as to which company is implementing what, and where.

Hyperloop One Unveils India Vision

Elon Musk led Hyperloop One presented the India Vision at an event in Delhi, which was attended by Ministers as well. As per the proposal submitted, Hyperloop One will attempt something which has never been attempted before: Connected major cities in India at a speed of 1200 km/hr.

As per the proposal and the vision, Hyperloop One is planning to bring down the journey between Delhi-Mumbai to 80 minutes with halts in Indore and Jaipur; 21 minutes journey between Bengaluru and Chennai, and an ambitious 220 minutes hyperloop journey between Mumbai and Kolkata.

Hyperloop One’s CEO, Rob Lloyd said, “India turns out to be a massive opportunity obviously for the concept of Hyperloop, which is why there’s so much interest. We want to align the stakeholders to actually find a route that makes sense, to do the detailed engineering, do the work on financing that route, think about a public-private partnership.”

Hyperloop Vision for India

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies In Talks With 5 States

Meanwhile, at the same time, another company which is attempting to launch hyperloop based transportation services in India, has revealed that they are in talks with 5 Indian states for executing their ideas.

And they have so-far raised $100 million for the same.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) CEO Bibop Gresta said, “We have five offers on the table from five chief ministers. We spoke to them and the one that will give us the land we will go and build. We have local partners and we are now raising $100 million and bringing another investment from abroad,”

As per Bibop, they are right now working on to create a short 5-8 kms corridor using Hyperloop for demonstration purposes.

Admitting that confusion exists between Hyperloop One and HTT, he said, “They (officials) are talking only with us, until now. Their (Hyperloop One) company is doing an event on 27th. They are confusing a little bit. That confuses the brand Hyperloop. The funny thing is that they convinced the rail minister to go there,”

Hyperloop is a concept, an idea wherein passengers and goods shall be placed inside pods or capsules, which will travel via specially made vacuum tunnels, positioned above the ground. As there shall be zero resistance and a sort of ‘magnetic levitation’, theoretically, hyperloop pods would be able to travel at a speed of more than 1000 km/hr, thereby transporting passengers even faster than airplanes.

Mumbai-Delhi air-route takes 2 hours, whereas hyperloop is promising this distance to be covered in 80 minutes.

As of now, hyperloop hasn’t been implemented anywhere in the world.


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