YouTube Introduces Mobile Live Streaming & Super Chats Feature!


Youtube Mobile Streaming Super Chats

Video streaming company, YouTube, started live streaming back in 2011, but mostly limited to desktop and laptops. Since then, the growth in live streaming has gotten increased thanks to Facebook Live and Instagram Live that allow users to live stream anytime anywhere.

YouTube opened live streaming for small creators in 2013, almost two years after it was started for larger YouTubers. The most recent live streams have been the presidential debates, space collisions and some 360-degree live streaming videos.

Now, the company has finally added what the creators had been requesting – mobile live streaming. It was almost like Facebook and Instagram pushed this platform to go for it. Now, anyone with greater than 10,000 subscribers can start a live stream on their smartphone through the YouTube app.

Actually, mobile live streaming is not new for YouTube, because it was partially launched in June 2016 with The Young Turks, AIB, Platica Polinesia, SacconeJolys, and Alex Wassabi at VidCon 2016, with an eventual roll out in 6 months.

This will allow creators to broadcast their content live anywhere easily through their phone. Now, one doesn’t need fancy equipment to talk to their subscribers at a fixed time. The company says that YouTube content creators will less than 10,000 subs will also get this feature soon. This seems ridiculous because Facebook and Instagram don’t have such restrictions.

How does this work?

YouTube mobile live streaming will be baked right into the core YouTube mobile app. You won’t need to open anything else, just hit the big red capture button right there in the corner, take or select a photo to use as a thumbnail, and you can broadcast live to your fans and chat in near real time.

These streamed videos will have the same features as the regular YouTube videos. The company says that the videos will be fast and secure, and we hope that the quality is just as good as well, if not better than regular videos on YouTube.

YouTube is also restricting the messages on live chat, based on recommendations of the pilot last year, so that the content creators are able to have an actual live session instead of make doing with a lot of lag.

Super Chat allows YouTubers to earn extra money

Youtube Super Chats

Super Chat is a new way for fans and creators to interact during live streams. Fans can purchase Super Chats to highlight their messages within the live chat stream for upto 5 hours. Every super chat is highlighted with a colour and stay pinned in the ticker.

The color of your Super Chat, the period of time it stays pinned in the ticker, and the maximum message length are determined by the amount of your purchase. It’s a simple logic of you pay more, you get noticed more. A lot of viewers will actually go for this, considering YouTubers are no less than celebrities now.

You can make a purchase from YouTube or YouTube Gaming on your computer or in the mobile app. Purchases on iOS are not currently supported. Upon completion of the payment, your message will be highlighted in the ticker in the live chat.

To make a purchase

1. Select the dollar sign within a live chat. The live chat must be visible and mobile devices must be in portrait mode.


3. To select an amount, either drag the slider or type your desired value.

4. Optionally, enter your message.

5. Select BUY AND SEND.

6. To finish your purchase, follow the instructions.

It may also happen that you purchased the Super Chat for 2 hours but the creator ended the live stream within an hour. In such a case you’re at loss because this money cannot be transferred to a different stream and you’re out of luck.

YouTube has released Super Chats in 10 countries and India is one of them. You should be able to see these next time your favourite creator starts a regular or mobile live stream. YouTubers will be able to earn some extra money through this as well, which will promote more live streaming and better engagement.

Source: YouTube Blog

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