‘Amazon Now’ Comes to Delhi & Mumbai; Invests Another Rs. 2,010 Crore to Take on Flipkart!


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Amazon’s hyperlocal delivery service, Amazon Now, was launched in Bangalore in February this year, and since then has been running as a pilot. The USP of this service is that Amazon is offering Express Delivery (within 2 hours) and Scheduled Delivery (for same day or next day) completely free of cost.

Now, the company is taking it further and launching it in two largest cities in India – Delhi and Mumbai. Both these cities will now be able to order groceries and other essentials from the Amazon Now app. Note that this service is different from Amazon Pantry, which allows you to buy essentials on a need basis, rather than in bulk.

“Our aim is to delight our customers with the best selection and pricing across our platforms,” said Saurabh Srivastava, Category leader, Amazon India. The platform brings kirana stores close to you that will deliver within a stipulated time, with no extra amount.

The company also has discounts like up to 50% Off Daily Essential – Powered by BigBazaar, Spar, Food World, Reliance Fresh & Local Supermarkets. You can also choose to get scheduled delivery in any 2 hour slot between 10 AM & 10 PM, on the same or the next day.

At the time of delivery you can reject items that are no longer wanted or not as expected. You can also claim a full refund on expired or defective products at any time within 10 days of delivery. Delhi and Mumbai residents, living in a fast-paced life, will definitely treasure this service.

Amazon is investing Rs. 2,010 crore in India

The Flipkart – Amazon rivalry is here to stay, because both are the market leaders having similar value propositions. Of late, Amazon’s revenues have crossed that of Flipkart and the two companies are eyeing the top position in the Indian industry.

To further demolish the competition, Amazon is investing Rs. 2,010 in its business in India to take on the likes of Flipkart and Snapdeal. Amazon recently launched its Prime Video service in India to take on the competition, and to create a new category.

Amazon had also announced the investment of $5 billion in India early this year, which takes the investment extremely high. “We will invest what it takes to become the customers’ preferred choice in India, and are encouraged that we are India’s largest and fastest-growing ecommerce marketplace,” said a statement from the company.

The Prime service is set to have been taken to another level in India, and especially with specific lightening deals, Prime Video, Amazon has become a lot more than just a marketplace. Flipkart, on the other hand, is still struggling to improve its operations and customer service.

Amazon also introduced its mobile wallet yesterday, which shows the importance the company is giving to India. Compared to flipkart, it has taken more initiatives to improve the quality of life for Indians and we cannot be happier with that.

Let us how Snapdeal, the third horse in the race, responds to such launches. The company is more interested in diversifying right now, while Flipkart is not really taking bigger steps to improve its image.

Source: IANS

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  1. Atul says

    Amazon and Flipkart both are doing good, I am in the favour of amazon for the services but with flipkart too as it is Indian company. I think Flipkart should do something for amazon’s this action.

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