MediaTek Announces Next-Gen Helio P20, P25 Octa-Core & X30 Deca-Core Processors


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Only second to Qualcomm, Mediatek has a variety of processors for the mid-range and high-range smartphones and a lot of Chinese makers like Gionee, Xiaomi and Oppo use MediaTek processors for their smartphones.

MediaTek has announced three new processors – P20 and P25 octa-core processors for the mid-range smartphones and X30 deca-core processor for the high-end smartphones. P20 and P25 chipsets will be replacing the P10 and X30 chipset will be replacing the X25 chipset.

Mediatek P20 and P25

The two chipsets from MediaTek are both octa-cores built on 16nm process and support for LPDDR4x RAM, and offer 20% faster clock speeds for the CPU as well as the GPU, and 25% higher power efficiency. P25 has an additional ability to support dual camera setup, like the ones in LG G5 and iPhones 7, with optical zoom.

Mediatek X30

This chipset comes for the flagship smartphones or the high-end ones as it is a deca-core chipset, with two powerful Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2.8Ghz and four low power Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 2.2 Ghz and two 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 cores. They are built on 10nm process which makes it extremely power efficient.

The new chipset will also support up to 8GB DDR4 RAM, 4K video capture @ 30fps and dual cameras up to 26 megapixels in resolution, although such phones do not exist right now. None of the smartphones at the moment come with 8GB but can be expected to be launched by 2017.

The X30 is touted to be comparable to Qualcomm 820/821 processors and Exynos chipsets from Samsung. While MediaTek chipsets are usually limited to budget smartphones, the X30 should be able to topple the likes of other large companies and come in flagships from Chinese smartphones makers.

The bigger question is – will handset makers look at Helio X30 over Snapdragon 821? We do know that any new flagships to be launched this year will sport the 821 but the companies should be able to test their phones on Mediatek, considering the build looks pretty solid.

The budget chipsets P20 and P25 are touted to be more efficient and the next generations of Gionee S series, Oppo series and Xiaomi Redmi Note series will most probably sport these processors.

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