Xiaomi To Launch Mi Band 2 With OLED Display In India Today Priced at Rs. 1999


Mi Band 2 Black

Xiaomi is planning to launch the much awaited Mi Band 2 in India today i.e. 21 September, 2016. The Mi Band 2 launch would be accompanied by Mi Air Purifier’s India debut as well.

Mi Band 2 is the successor to the immensely popular Mi Band priced at Rs. 999. The original Mi Band was lacking in many things including the absence of a display, among other things.

The Mi Band 2 is designed to tackle all these issues and comes with an interesting hardware that includes an OLED display.


Mi Band 2 Specifications

  • Display: 0.42” OLED
  • Battery: 70 mAh, Standby Time- 20 days
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, photoelectric heart rate sensor
  • Weight: 7g
  • Connectivity: Android 5.0+, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Material: Hypoallergenic- Thermoplastic elastomer, aluminum alloy.


Here are some of the key features of the Mi Band 2:

Dust & Water Resistance

The Mi Band 2 comes with IP67 Dust and Water resistance so you can take a bath with the band on and even rinse it whenever you like.

Improved Algorithm

Mi Band 2 also comes with an improved algorithm that fixes the inaccurate step counter in the original Mi Band. The users can lift their wrist to check the current time and tap the button for the number of steps and heart rate.

Idle Alerts

Idle alerts reminds the user when he/she has been sitting for too long with gentle vibrations. This way you would know when to take a short walk or a water break.

Sleep Tracker

Mi Band 2 tracks the quality and length of your sleep cycles and presents you with the stats as soon as you are awake. This would help you understand why you still feel tired after a night’s of long sleep.

Mi Band 2 sleep tracker

Incoming Call and Message Alerts

The Mi Band 2 can be set to vibrate gently for incoming calls and messages too. This would ensure that you don’t miss any calls when your phone is buried somewhere.

Battery Life

The major concern in any fitness tracker’s is it’s battery life. Mi Band 2 comes with a larger 70 mAh battery. Mi Band 2 comes with power efficient OLED display and lasts up to 20 days which is 55% more efficient battery life when compared to prior generation Mi Band Pulse.

Mi Band 2 Battery Life


The Mi Band 2 would bear a price tag of Rs. 1,999 in India and would be available starting today on Mi India.

It would be interesting to note the response to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 given the fact that the original Mi Band was a huge hit.

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