Turing Phone Cadenza Will Come With 12GB RAM, 2 Snapdragon 830 CPUs, 60MP camera and 1TB storage!


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It is quite possible that you have not heard about Turing Robotic Industries, but it is a company that aims to create futuristic smartphones for consumers, that do not carry conventional specs.

In a newsletter from Turing, the company has highlighted the launch of a super-phone on steroids that will carry massive specs that no other phone can match. A few months ago we were rolling our eyes at the possible launch of a phone with 8GB of RAM and today another company has done the unthinkable, and the unneeded.

The company says, “Many have doubted our ability to deliver a product that we promised we would, while many have shared their passion and support for TRI. Although we have faced many obstacles and challenges in our journey to innovate, we’ve chose to side with those who are keen in helping us shape the future.”

Take a look at the expected features of the Cadenza –

  • 5.8” 2560x1440p display
  • Not 1 but 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processors(16 Kyro cores)
  • 60MP iMax camera 6K quad rear camera with triple lens/T 1.2’, 20MP dual front camera
  • 12GB RAM and 1 TB of storage in total(2 x 256 GB of microSD cards)
  • Swordfish OS based on deep learning(AI)
  • Voice powered power on/off
  • 100wH triple power source – 2400mAh graphene supercapacitor battery, 1600mAh Li-ion battery and Hydrogen fuel cells
  • 4 nano-SIMS 4G LTE ready
  • Marshall Equalizer for great sound

By just looking at these specs, one can see that the phone looks extremely beefed up and some of the hardware components like Snapdragon 830 CPU do not even exist yet. The smartphone will run on Swordfish OS, which is based on Sailfish OS.

Turing Phone Cadenza

Cadenza will also come with a host of AI features like neural networks, differential privacy and long short-term memory network. The outside of the phone will be created using high temperature alloy components, graphene oxide body and liquid metal 2.0.

Innovation or buffoonery?

In the name of innovation, companies launch super-specced smartphone to fool the consumers. They take advantage of the fact that consumers think ‘bigger the better’ and exploit all means to produce a device that stands above the rest.

The first Turing Phone was still decently specced but had a unique feature that its body was made out of liquid morphium (liquid metal) that gave it more sturdiness as compared to aluminum and steel.

Let’s start by breaking up the components and discussing each separately. Firstly, the screen at 5.8” seems good with WQHD resolution but if the company is packing in such insane specs, doesn’t it make sense to feature a 4K resolution? We’ll leave it to the company to decide.

12GB of RAM and 2 Snapdragon 830 processors sound extremely preposterous. 4GB of RAM and 1 Snapdragon 820 processor can do the same job with lesser space and more convenience, and we haven’t even talked about the heating issues yet.

The cameras do look good but we do not have any knowledge of how the company will use the iMax technology. Nevertheless, bigger pixels do not mean better picture and cameras will have to be tested to arrive at a conclusion. The battery, on the other hand, sounds something from the future as it is all fancy words and technology.

Overall, the phone seems to have been based fully on artificial intelligence, which we believe will be the future, as the smartphone is expected to be launched in 2017. It is quite possible that the company just wants to create hype right now and will launch a dumbed-down version of this next year, but even then we’ll be happy with our realistic expectations.

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