Google integrates Zomato, Swiggy, Dineout & Bytplus In Search Results for Food Ordering and Reservations


Google Search Zomato Swiggy Dineout Integration

The California-based search engine giant, Google, has been integrating third-party apps on its search pages in quest to make it user friendly and offer all information without even leaving it. For example, Google Maps suggests you an Ola and Uber, Shows you Flight details with option to book among many other rich snippets.

In the same way, now whenever you search for a restaurant or a cafe, you’ll have an option to check it out on Zomato or Swiggy and order food from these two apps. Adding this to its mobile version only right now, Google has closely integrated these two food delivery apps on its search engine.

In the search results, one will see ‘Place an order’ with an option of ordering from Zomato or Swiggy, depending on the restaurant’s listing. When you click on place an order, you will be having an option of ordering food from and Once you select it, you will be taken to their website landing page, where you can finally place your order.

Not just food delivery, even restaurant reservations will be integrated to the search results. Dineout and Bytplus will now be featured in the search results and you will be able to book your table before you go to the restaurant. Google calls all these four ‘partners’ and will be closely working with them to improve the customer’s experience.

Google’s blog post reads, “Initially, you’ll be able to order food via Zomato and Swiggy, and make your restaurant reservations with Dineout and Bytplus using Google Search and the Google app on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. These features are just rolling out and we’ll be adding more partners and evolving the look and feel over time.”

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How can Google integrate all partners better?

Google’s integration here is nothing very huge, because you will still need the app for ordering food or reserving a table. Even now when you search for a restaurant, the first results you see would be from Zomato and Swiggy and you can directly order from there.

What we would rather love to see if Google integrating Zomato and Swiggy API into their search engine so that users do not have to download the app or open the website separately. Yes it optimizes the time, but doesn’t make a huge difference.

Zomato already has integrated Uber and Ola on its website to take you to the destination, and also has started offering table reservations, so Google can closely integrate these two on its search engine without a user having to go through multiple steps.

However, this is just the start and we know Google visualize what users need. Hopefully, with this new feature, more restaurants will start featuring themselves on these four websites to take in orders from customers who refrain from ordering online.

Source: Google Blog

  1. Suraj Singh says

    Hi Abhishek, Just curious to know how did Google integrate Swiggy. Is there an api available for Swigg’s customer facing app?

  2. Kiran N Bhat says

    Abhishek – This feature is pushing the mobile user to the next generation Android which will be launched shortly …. wherein the new Android N version will not require a Mobile App to be completely installed on user phone. The new Android OS allows a temporary App to be downloaded to complete an action and then this temp file disappears … though technically it is not clear whether this temp Apps would be native or web based.
    Though this is a good feature addon … in the coming days … Google wants Android to rule the most of the real estate on a user phone. This way they understand customers more better to develop better products in the future.

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